Wednesday, April 2, 2014

april goals

I love making lists. Have I said that before? More than making lists, I love crossing items OFF of to-do lists. I know I'm not the only one, but I so often write down something I've already done so I can immediately cross it off.

I do love lists, but goal lists make my heart flutter and I get all fired up. I actually wrote down goals for this past month (not realizing that recording monthly goals were kind of a blog "thing" lately) and didn't do as well as I had hoped - but I didn't try very hard either.  

March goals:
- Focus on Lent. - Success, so far! I had never in my life given up anything for Lent, but doing so this year has been exactly what I needed to do. It has been so personal and refreshing and deep.
- Lose 10 lb, workout daily, count calories. - Semi-success - no workouts but I have lost a few lbs! Perhaps when Spring really does decide to come I will be able to do things like, you know, GO OUTSIDE and MOVE AROUND. Sheesh.
- Get up earlier than the kids. - Nope. Probably not going to ever happen, or at least not going to happen until my kids are teenagers and want to sleep til noon. I am a total night owl and NOT a morning person!
- Plan a small group girls' night. - Sadly, I didn't do this yet. We start up small group again next week (we are on a 3 week break) and I can't wait to chat with my girls and make plans.
- Read "Desperate" again. - Started it, but didn't finish.

I hope my April goals aren't too lofty, especially since we will be on vacation for 1/4 of the month, but I'll give them a go!

April goals:
- Continue to focus on Jesus in this season of Lent, and truly understand sacrifice - though it be on such a small scale.
- Spend consistent time in the Word. I'm always striving for this.
- Blog 2-3 times a week.
- Stay focused on my mae + nolia shop responsibilities, deals, and extra in-the-works projects.
- Read 2 books while on vacation (Finish "Desperate" and I'm not sure what else I'll dig into).
- Lose a few more pounds. Mama is determined to fit into all those clothes hanging in her closet & to also start feeling good about herself again!

I love that Hayley from The Tiny Twig is now doing a monthly link-up for goal setting inspiration and support. I'll be linking up and pressing on - bring it, April!


  1. Such an inspiration!! Love you

  2. If you are still trying to have the girls night you should try and do an IF:Table. It's a great way to share a simple meal with your girlfriends and ask deep questions around a table. I wrote my experience of hosting one on my blog. Hope it is helpful you still be able to complete that March goal!

  3. I loved reading Desperate! Oh, to have read that book on vacation would have really been a breath of fresh air!