Friday, October 4, 2013

#influenceconf - "you are not the hero of your story"

Just a week ago I was in Indy at the Influence Conference. I'm still processing so much of the conference. I loved participating in the market, the speakers and workshops deeply stirred my heart, and I was able to spend sweet quality time with new friends and old.

Out of the entire time there, I think that the sentence that is most etched into my soul was spoken by Ellen during her workshop: "You are not the hero of your story."  I was so freed by those words - to be reminded that I am loved & known by Jesus and my words are a vessel to bring Him glory.  Always.  I was reminded that God gives us our passions, so pursuing them is nothing but the act of glorifying Him. Oh, and Ellen, you have a new stalker admirer. I was, and am, so extremely inspired by you and the hero of your story.

I'm still a bit overwhelmed (even after the fact) by the entire experience and I haven't fully unpacked my mind.  I'm grateful to have been covered with inspiration and wisdom and ideas and truth.  And I sure was glad to come home to my littles - as much as it was so good for me to get away, 4 days was entirely too long to be away from them.  We'll be spending this weekend celebrating Evyn's 1st birthday - I'm at a loss as to how this is happening already.


  1. I love that. It's so true. We're not the hero. We're not the main character. He is!

  2. Love! Can't wait to hear more! And seriously how is that itty bitty baby a year old already?!?

  3. Love you, friend :) enjoy celebrating that sweet girl this weekend!!

  4. Hey, Ashley? Maybe you have an admirer in me :). I'm so glad we got to meet. I'm cheering for you.