Wednesday, September 25, 2013


the cooler fall weather.  And the fact that I got a gel mani today!

um, do my to-do lists count?  Otherwise, nada.  I'm bringing my copy of Unglued to Influence and plan on (finally) reading it on my flight home.

waiting for: 
my durn headache to cry uncle.  Oww.

excited about: 
the Influence Conference.  And also feeling quite throw-up-nervous.  One day left.  NBD.

trying to: 
wrap my brain around how it is possible that I turned 30 last weekend.  Also, how it is possible that my baby will be ONE IN A LITTLE OVER A WEEK. 

working on:
 jewelry, packing for the conference, prepping kid stuff for while I'm gone.

New Girl.  I actually finished the second season in about a day as I worked on jewelry for the conference this past weekend.  I am convinced those actors are actually their characters IRL and want to be their friends.  I need all the advice on how to deal with "street youths" that I can get!

purple shampoo once a week or so.  I went back to blond a few months ago (oh yes I did) and everyone kept mentioning the elusive purple shampoo that combats brassiness.  I bought, used, and was convinced.  I'm just now wondering how it's taken me 30 years to even know about this stuff's existence.  I've been using this one and getting great results.

 a sweatshirt and sweatpants.  Comfy and unimpressive.

my outfits and such for the conference.  Not because I am so stylish, but because my brain is so out in left field that if I don't plan them down to every last detail, I'll forget key pieces.  Like pants.

"Who's that girl?  It's Mae!" to Evyn, and to the tune of the New Girl theme song.  Obsessed.

to put it bluntly, sleep.

that I can't do it all... unless I don't sleep.  Then I can do it all and I am mean and overwhelmed. 
It's a really hard balance.

listening to: 
The Civil Wars and the ticking of the clock.

my "studio" had a bit more flat surfaces and a few more shelves.  In time... for now I will say I am so very grateful to have the space I do have!

lately (well, always) lots of multitasking.  It makes me tired, but I feel so much more alive when I'm productive!

dreaming of: 
the (until now) secret new business that my dear friend Dezirae and I have been so carefully planning for about four months now.  We're not quite ready to open shop yet, but we have big things in the works.  For now I'll say three words: handstitched paper goods.  Well made, well planned, well designed.  We like the word "well."  Wink.


I'll be leaving on a jet plane early Thursday morning (just typing those words is making my stomach flip out) for the conference.  The schedule looks full and wonderful and I am excited to present my jewelry to the market - I've never participated in any type of market so I'm feeling quite the range of extreme emotions.  I just want to be able to rest in where my identity lies and continue to pray through each moment and be constantly checking my heart while I'm there.  I'm also so incredibly excited to hear the speakers and attend the workshops and glean wisdom from these talented people.  I hope I can rest my heart and just soak it all in.


  1. Praying you have an amazing trip and have time to rest, relax and recharge. Everyone is going to love your stuff and YOU.

  2. I agree with Amy; everyone is going to love your stuff and YOU! :)

    Possibly my favorite line:

    that I can't do it all... unless I don't sleep. Then I can do it all and I am mean and overwhelmed.
    It's a really hard balance."

    So absolutely true. I decided about a year and a half ago that if there is something I truly want to go after, I can get up very early in the morning and tackle it before anyone else is awake. So far that has earned me two half marathons.... but sometimes I (and often, my family) pay[s] a very dear price for that loss of sleep, and I always wonder if it's worth it, all things considered.

  3. I can't do it all..unless I don't sleep.

    The hard truth of life, right there.