Thursday, March 7, 2013

currently: a thursday edition

the fact that in a few days, I will have a new kitchen! We are refacing, and my pretty glass knobs will FINALLY be attached to and doing their job on the cabinet doors.

"Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe." A few close momma friends and I are reading along together and discussing the questions at the end of the chapters and on the blog. I can't even tell you what this book is doing to my heart. I feel just drenched in encouragement and determination to be the mother God designed me to be and my children need me to be.

waiting for:
Spring. I planted almost 100 bulbs in my front beds this past fall and I can't wait for them to emerge.

excited about:
our upcoming annual OBX trip - just a few weeks!

trying to:
find a pretty chair for my new desk area in the kitchen. 

working on:
a cute little seat/bench for my sewing table.  My mom pulled it out of the trash on the side of the road and it's in perfect condition- just needed the worn red leather seat covered in pretty fabric and a spray of grey paint.  I don't have a before picture, but I'll share the after picture, well, after. :)

this little 5 month old... and the fact that she loves to politely fold her hands all the time.

my coffee maker waaayyyy too much lately.  Oh but how I love a warm cup in the morning... and afternoon.... and perhaps a decaf in the evening [insert wide-eyed emoticon here].


some great She {hearts} It reviews & giveaways to be posted in the next few weeks.  Isn't our new design pretty?

a silly "Evyn Mae" song that I made up.  We've also been calling Evyn "Mae-Mae" lately.  It has just stuck - and I so love it.

to go to bed earlier.

(from the "Desperate" book) that my mothering needs to be not based on the expectations of our culture, people around me, or even family.  It needs to be guided only by scripture.  Sally Clarkson has been blowing my momma mind.

listening to:
the Tinkerbell (Brynlee is currently obsessed with fairies) movie, a nail gun, and Evyn stirring over the monitor.

I knew exactly when my best friend's baby was coming so I could guarantee that I will be there when the baby is born (and it is SO a girl - I am convinced, even though they are not finding out until baby comes).  I am going to try my very hardest to be there - I'm just praying it all lines up.

not well in my vow to start running (again).  This weekend is go-time.  Ryan and I, along with a few others, are doing the Color Run in two months and I need to improve this 13 mile/minute pace nonsense I've got going on here!

dreaming of:
finding a mentor, living out my passions, and truly & confidently embracing all I am called to do and be. 


  1. Yay! Love your updates! And I know your wish will come true. I just know you will be here when Newbie comes! I KNOW IT!
    Love you!

  2. Oh I am so glad this book has come into all of our lives, so thankful for all you ladies.

    Ahh Tinkerbell. We'll have to get our girlies together soon so they can talk fairies!