Wednesday, March 13, 2013

grapefruit, rapunzel, & a sewing seat

I should be sleeping, but instead I'm popping in to share a few fun tidbits of this week so far.

First, I've done yet another review of Nourish Organics over at She {hearts} It. This time, I've reviewed their new organic grapefruit wash, and I'm giving away an 8oz wash! There's a discount code too. Trust me, you're going to want to get your hands on some of this ultra-moisturizing, best-smelling-ever wash.


Second, little girlfriend FINALLY just got her hair trimmed. For the first time. Did I mention she will be 4 in a few weeks? Yeah.

My Rapunzel just recently decided a trim would not shatter her world, and perhaps it would even make brushing her sometimes-snarly ends a bit easier. It was barely 2 inches, but the act of cutting my baby's hair for the first time totally tugged at my heartstrings. My dear friend Leah graciously snipped those ends, just like she trimmed Mac's hair for the first time about a year and a half ago.


Third, I did finally finish the little seat to use at my sewing desk. I wish I had a "before" picture, but just imagine worn red leather and a scuffed, medium-wood finish. And the "after":

LOVE this fabric.


Last, I've been trying to be much more deliberate in taking pictures with my real camera, not just on my phone. So here's a few of my littles to make you smile. The days have been long and often trying lately, but I love these little people with all of my being and we are all growing and changing. Especially me; especially my momma heart. This post especially resonated with me today. God's molding me, and all I needed to do was let Him.

Oh, and the kitchen is DONE! Pictures to come.


  1. oh I love each and every picture of those littles of yours.

    And that post you linked brought me to tears when I read it the other night. I had to hold myself back from running back upstairs and cuddling under the covers with a then sleeping Gracie.

  2. Rapunzel looks beautiful! And so happy about that new do :)

  3. I love those pics of your sweet kids.and that post by Sarah mae..such a great perspective!