Tuesday, January 22, 2013

tuesday brain dump

Brain dump time! Apparently my new blogging motto is "all or nothing" because I'm either silent for a month or word-vomit typing. Here we go.

- Blogging. I love it, need to do it, am obsessed with reading blogs, and still use nursing sessions to devour my google reader list, saving my favorite blogs for last. I SO WANT TO BLOG every day or even every other... or heck once a week. Obviously it's not been something that's possible for the past few months (I don't think I really need to explain WHY) and I keep talking about how I want to do it and whine about it when I don't. So I AM going to do it more. For me and to continue to preserve this little space. Oh and I am just giddy over my little blog makeover... Molly is the bomb. If you're looking for a sweet soul to make your blog the prettiest, look no further.

- Giveaway. Coming so soon! I have the goods gathered, now just need to photograph them. Look for my "Winter Essentials" giveaway by the end of this week!

- A-dubs. My girl Ashley is coming to visit me on Thursday! I am SO EXCITED! I haven't seen her since the summertime when I was 26 weeks pregnant with Evyn, and when I see her in a few days she will be 30 weeks pregnant with her baby boy. Crafting and chatting and coffee... hurry up and get here, Ash!

- Projects. SO MANY IN MY MIND. I want to do all of them. Mostly house stuff and some half-done, started, or I have gathered supplies for but haven't started. I am crawling out of the post-baby funk (which was not that bad this time around but has left me desperate to take some time and create things... ALONE) and am so inspired to do ALL THE PROJECTS. But then I get overwhelmed with all I want to do and then am left paralyzed. And then the guilt of the presence of unfinished/unstarted baby books and picture-taking-slacking wells up... baby steps. Care for my babies first, but take baby steps in the direction of not losing myself in the craziness of this season.

- An effort to look human. Just a few little attempts to look a little more decent in the day-to-day. I'm a little late jumping on this bandwagon, but wow, is dry shampoo awesome. I just bought the cheap Suave kind, and I love it. The smell is amazing and it makes my hair feel so fresh. I'm also really into light grey nail polish lately and finally got my hands on some. (OPI french quarter for your thoughts)

A fresh cut and color and pretty sweater doesn't hurt either. 

- DF/GF. I went dairy-free when Brynlee was about 4 months old and when Mac was about the same age. I exclusively nursed them, and both were showing signs of intolerance. So now that Evyn is almost 4 months old, I figured I had better just go ahead and cut myself off from dairy as a precaution. Now I confess, I also want to start shedding this baby weight (everyone told me it would be the hardest with #3 and BOY ARE THEY RIGHT) and I lost so much when I went off of dairy with the others so I'm hoping this helps. I also have dropped gluten because I read it can help with your skin amongst other things. SO, since Friday I haven't had a bit of dairy or gluten and feel fab. I don't even feel deprived when I have a lunch that looks like this:

The black things in the middle are chia seeds, and I'm not sure why I waited so long to incorporate them into my life. The benefits are awesome! I just add a tablespoon here and there in foods that I can easily put them in (smoothies, peanut butter, salads).

- Running. Remember when I ran a half marathon? Well, after that I took a YEAR off of running. Sadness. I've been wanting to get out there again, but the combo of kids & weather & no treadmill has, um, delayed my efforts. Then, Raechel threw out an idea to put together a team to keep each other accountable in the running department. Yes! I was able to get out a few times since then (weekends and 60 degree January days are my friends) but the high today is 12 degrees so I think I'll spend the rest of the day snuggled in with my babies. At least I have the will, right? I'm hoping this push to run will help with the whole losing the baby weight endeavor, too.

Brain dump over. Have a happy Tuesday, friends.


  1. I love your brain dumps!! And your blog makeover!

  2. Just going to keep saying it.... you amaze me and you are my HERO. I love you.

  3. Is there another 'destination half marathon' on the radar? I want in!! :)

    I love your posts. I feel like you are always real, but at the same time.... never crabby. Not sure how you pull that one off, :), but I think you really are a positive person. Hooray, you!