Thursday, August 30, 2012


Okay, okay. Perhaps this "blog on the back burner" thing is getting a teeny bit out of hand. I've had so much I've been wanting to write and record, but I'm honestly so physically and mentally exhausted that I can't really even seem to stay up much later than the kids do at night, let alone write beautiful blog posts.

How about a list of updates: 

-Pregnancy. I'm just about 35 weeks! How did that happen?! I feel like I am so close yet so far. And undoubtedly humungous. Bigger than with Brynlee or Mac and I'm so ready to just snuggle this baby girl and have my body (somewhat) back. Physically this pregnancy has been pretty normal- I am ridiculously exhausted (have I said that enough?) and in lots of pain from normal pregnancy stuff. Contractions galore, and chasing/lifting/having my bed invaded by/being jumped on by my kiddos surely contributes. I just want to be able to attend to my babies! So it's been tricky. Plus, I have had these racing heart episodes a few times this pregnancy (like resting HR getting above 220) so I had to see a cardiologist, get an echo, keep a heart monitor on me for a few weeks, etc. I haven't had any episodes for a few weeks so I'm hoping it's just a pregnancy thing that I won't need to worry about anymore in a few more weeks.

-Kids. Crazy as ever. Mac is blowing me away with his latest skills: singing entire songs, holding impressively long and understandable phone conversations, remembering things that even I don't remember. Brynlee is still constantly in dress up clothes on a daily basis and starts preschool in a few weeks! I'm so excited for her. She's going to LOVE IT!

-Ryan. Yep, he's still here. In case you were wondering. :) Love him a lot and wish he could be home with us all day every day.

-Vehicle situation. Just yesterday, we turned to the dark side and are now a minivan family. I kinda really love it. The kids are over the moon! Even Ryan is smitten.

-House. Nursery decorating is in full swing! I can't wait to share the finished room. The livingroom built ins are also finally done- I will share as soon as I dust off my camera and get some photographic proof. I haven't even taken pictures with my real camera since our Nashville trip. Shame!

-Fun thing to gasp at. Look what I did to my (almost) two year old phone. Luckily we were eligible for an upgrade and now I'm a friend of Siri. Good thing the iphone 5 comes out in a few weeks - at least I get to be current until then.

So that's my brain dump for now. I'd better get dressed for the day, now that it's almost 3pm and I think Mac is finally down for the count nap-wise. Or maybe I'll just snuggle with my big girl on the couch just a bit more. Can't wait to feel my love multiply again when baby girl comes... it's just unbelievable to me that I'll have three kids so soon. I'm living my dream, and so, so grateful.

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