Friday, July 20, 2012

wards&kirnans take on atlanta&nashville

Oh, hello. Blog on the back burner, indeed. Felt good to take a break, now so much to share... our wonderful trip down south (which took place a few weeks ago) and tons of fun home improvement-y project updates (momma's got her nesting urges back) to come. Ryan and I had decided that we wanted to get away for a weekend or so before baby girl comes, and before I got too humungo (ha, seems as if we were a bit too late for that) and cranky (that too). Ashley suggested we try to get away together as couples, and our trip down south took shape!

Ashley's recap is so great and I'm going to cop out with providing details and let her post tell all... but of course I must share some pictures.

First up, traveling with the big belly and thinking I'm so cute as I stroll the airports with Ryan and then catching sight of myself in the bathroom mirrors and realizing the stares I had been getting were probably out of incredulous-ness over my largeness, not out of thinking I was adorable. And then I spilled Jamba Juice all over myself and let the ridiculousness ensue. 

Next, brunch with the Dukes' in Atlanta and failing miserably in avoiding skirt mishaps. 

Followed by Franklin Fun with the Myers'. Ohhh I could just move right down to Franklin, and I don't say those things lightly. I kinda like the people we visited too. 

Next: Nashville, baby. SO. HOT. But so fun. 

And, back to Franklin for our last morning for breakfast and to document our departure sadness. 

The trip was too short, much fun, and filled with yummy food (except the Embassy Suites breakfast... bleh) and an abundance of Starbucks. So grateful for these amazing friendships that have been formed (and have lasted!) through this crazy blog world.

And, yay, my blog address is now! Fun fact!

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  1. Oh my gosh, are you in downtown franklin?? I *love* that place. :) I don't go there near enough. :)