Tuesday, December 6, 2011

checking in

Oh, wow.  Just wow.  This weekend came, went, and I'm still wondering if it was a dream.  Between our travels, me getting sicker than I've been in years, meeting new friends (like, for life friends), missing my babies, and running 13.1 miles, I find it hard to believe it all actually happened. 

I have so, so much to catch up on and share... I want to share pictures from Mac's party, our family photo shoot, a fun Poppy Chain giveaway (for once, hosted by ME!), some fun projects, big family news, and, of course, a full marathon weekend rundown!  Ahh, looking at that list makes me want to just take a nap.  I'm not even unpacked from the weekend! 

I will get posting as soon as I can catch up on life... but for now will leave you with this:  PROOF that I tackled and defeated 13.1...