Thursday, November 10, 2011

thursday ramble.

For some reason, I feel like rambling on Thursdays.

Funny, because I feel like I have nothing interesting to say most of the time, but then sometimes I write posts in my head so fast that I usually forget most of what I want to say.

I'm still trying to dig deep and find that fun, crafty inspired feeling that has been so absent lately. Thank you, friends, for your sweet, SWEET comments on my last complain-ey post. They lifted my spirits so much.

This week, we are (still) trying to unpack from our whirlwind weekend in NY, which included Mac's birthday party. The pictures from the party are not yet in my possession (my DEAR Carrie was kind enough to be my photographer while chasing her own 3 kids around as well) but I will share them when I get them. The party was a great success, and Mac displayed some impressive cake smashing/inhaling abilities. Not like we expected any less from him.

We're also trying to get over the sickies over here. Nasty noses all around! Momma's also feeling pretty icky, with weird headaches and dizzy spells. I'm thinking sinus issues. I've been SO TIRED, too (FYI I AM NOT PREGNANT! Like, for sure.)... yesterday I napped, and then at night I planned to iron all of Ryan's work shirts, hem some pants for my sis, and watch the CMAs. Instead, I went to bed at 9. Oops. Woke up this morning feeling like I hadn't slept at all, even though I got at least 9 hours of sleep. Hoping to be a little productive during nap today... or maybe I'll just be productive in my dreams. ;)

Ok... GOOD news. I went to the doctor yesterday, and after an xray and and MRI... NO STRESS FRACTURE! He said there is swelling in my shin muscle and bone but no break. I've never been so grateful for "just" shin splints! Now I need to ease back into running, since I have taken a few weeks off and the race is in just a bit more than 3 weeks. Eeeek!


  1. rambling is totally okay -- i don't know a single person who doesn't!

    btw, i'm hosting a giveaway this week, if you'd like to enter.

  2. yay for shin splints! hehe Hope you all are feeling completly better soon! Love ya!

  3. I love your rambles!Between my 2 kids I feel like I never have time to catch up on my blogs I glad I was able to stop by for a bit and catch up! Happy healing for your shin splints- ouch! :)