Friday, November 11, 2011

52 in 1: WEEK 25 - hemming and hawing

"Meddie" and Adam the other night at Mac's birthday dinner

Ok, so this week's "project" is not very interesting, but is/was time consuming and I think definitely worth using as my weekly project endeavor. My sis brought over a bunch of her work pants that were either too long, too short, or the hem had just fallen out of them. I FINALLY learned to do a blind/hem stitch (or whatever you call it) not too long ago (not like it's hard, I just never took the time to learn... my great grandma would be proud that I finally learned) so I agreed when my sister asked for some hemming. For all the free babysitting she does, it's pretty much the least I can do. :)

Next week is HALFWAY through my year-long 52/1 commitment... I promise I WILL do something fun and exciting. Perhaps a tutorial? Perhaps also fashion-oriented?? Stay tuned!


  1. I would love a fashion-oriented tutorial! :)


  2. I hope I can one day learn to hem! It would certainly be useful. :) Oh, and a fashion post sounds like fun! :D

  3. YAY! looking forward to the tutorial!!