Saturday, November 26, 2011

52 in 1: WEEK 27 - Christmas tree

This week has been pure craziness... but we did put the tree up before we left for NY for Thanksgiving.  So, that's my project for the week: Christmas decorating.  I wanted the tree to be up when we returned from Thanksgiving, especially since I will be going crazy preparing to leave for Tennessee (!!!!!) on Wednesday.  I can't even think about it without feeling a bizarre mix of pure excited joy and pure terror.

Anyway, OF COURSE I didn't even take a cell phone pic of the tree, but I did get a pic of Brynlee decorating a little tree she found in the decoration box.  It was so funny!  I also got a video of Mac seeing the tree for the first time (since he was in bed by the time we began putting the tree up), complete with a mini-meltdown courtesy of Brynlee, messy livingroom, and a glimpse of the next month with a 12 month old and the ornaments:

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving... topped off by a parade on Friday night with Ryan's family.  There is an annual day after Thanksgiving Christmas parade in a nearby town, ending with turning on all the Christmas lights in town.  It was so fun!  I haven't uploaded my camera pics, but I did snag one with my phone.  LOVE!  So fun!  Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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