Tuesday, October 18, 2011

corn maze

We had lots of fun family time this past weekend.  Ryan and I love to dub the days that it's just us and the kids "Family Day," and we intend to milk that corniness for as long as possible.  We visited a little pumpkin patch with a corn maze on Saturday and the kids loved running around through the corn (well, Brynlee loved running.  Mac loved toddling and picking up/throwing stones).  Ryan loved trying to figure out the maze and then cheating by looking up the aerial view online.  He's resourceful.  That's why we have smartphones right?

Picture overload ahead.  The light was just so beautiful, I couldn't stop taking pictures.  I am no photographer, but it is awfully nice when the light and the scenery are just perfect!


  1. what on earth do you mean, "you're not a photographer?!" i loved them ALL. you've totally got talent... or a really, really expensive camera ^.-

    hope you had fun!
    Cubette @ http://cubettescorner.blogspot.com/

  2. That one picture of you crouched down squeezing your babies makes me so happy.

  3. Oh what fun!! And you got some absolutely adorable photos of your family!!!

  4. i wanted that gold ON camp shirt so hard but never got it. we should just combine closets and go from there.