Friday, October 14, 2011

52 in 1: WEEK 21 - braided scarf

My mom and I counted down the days were so excited to take a little trip to a new fabric store near me when she was visiting last week.  Aren't those bolts beautiful?  (First pic taken stealthily if not a little creepily by me with my phone.)  I picked up a bunch of goodies, including a few yards of some delicious Anna Maria Horner flannel (I know this line is a few years old, I just can't stop loving it).  What will I do with the soft loveliness?  I know not.  Perhaps some pj pants for Brynlee?  All I really know is that I LOVE IT (and we all know I will probably end up just hoarding it).

I also picked up some knit (which was actually the only thing I had actually planned on buying) so I could make a scarf with Keight's sweet braided scarf tutorial.  They had SO many fun knits, but I settled for a solid and a stripe.  Play it safe.  I was happy to discover that these knits were the same brand (Michael Miller) so the blacks don't clash.  I hate when that happens!

So, I really wanted to do a fun color combo like Keight.  Yet, every color combo I tried just made me think of school colors or a sports team.  So I wimped out and went with something super neutral and even went a bit dangerous with a stripe (scandalous)!  Keight's tutorial was so easy to follow (once I slapped myself a few times and screwed my head on straight).  I actually added a few hand stitches to the back of the braid to hold it in place and make it so I won't have to constantly adjust the fabric to make the braid just so.

Cheers to getting dressed like a normal human for the second time this week (ahem, on Friday night)!

Special note:
1. I apologize for the poor lighting! I hate taking pictures inside, but it's been so gloomy and rainy here this week, plus it's getting dark outside around 6pm already.
2. I wish I could take a "modeling" photo without looking so doofy! Sheesh!

Have a great weekend!  We're hoping to do something fun (and fallish) tomorrow!


  1. Absolutely adorable. I swear you need to put everything you make into your etsy shop.

  2. Just Love my creative and talented daughter!!!

  3. Love this!! You make this look so easy!!