Friday, October 21, 2011

52 in 1: WEEK 22 - Mac's party invitation

We are having a FIRST birthday party soon.

My baby boy is going to be ONE. My walking, talking (well, he says like 7 words), newly opinionated BABY is going to be one. Oh, my.

I made up the invites this week. Yes, yes call me overachieving mother but I figure I can make real, tangible, paper invitations for my kids' first birthdays... then it's Evites from there on out.

It's going to be just a little party, but I'm excited to plan and decorate. Not positive of the "theme" (again, hate that word), but as per my usual it will probably be based on colors or something simple rather than Elmo or zoo animals. I don't mean to offend, but I think I'll hold off on those kind of themes until my kids actually request them. Until then, mean momma is in charge!

And yes, I obv blurred the location... just try and find us! Bwahaha.


  1. those are very cute! i agree- i'm saving "themes" for when my daughter is big enough to want them!

  2. soooo cute!! my little brother just had a birthday party yesterday, and i was the party planner. i think i had a little too much fun simply planning and executing the party!!

    enjoy your party


  3. how cute!! those must have taken some time! and he says 7 words?! wow! I'm impressed!