Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kitty Collars

Yes, I am a crazy cat lady and I don't care. Meghan brought both kitties collars today and they are so cute! The collars have little bells on them and they freaked the cats out so much! They kept turning around like "Wait, what's that behind me?! Wait, I heard it again!"

Meg with Calla

Meg with Minkis

Pretty pink collar, hehe

Yes, my life is so dull that I photograph my cats when they are in distress. Can you imagine how I be when I have children?! Here's to hoping for some slightly more interesting events for the next post. ;)


  1. Your cats are really cute. I especially love the last picture, perfect pose!

    Your post about sums up how I feel about my blog. I have to dig for things to post! Thats half the fun of it I guess!

  2. YOur cats are adorable!! I found out today that my little Benjamin may be allergic to dogs, cats or dust mites! BOO! We wanted to get come animals... my kids LOVE cats and dogs!! I love your blog... and, I can't wait to see how you are with your kiddies!! :)
    - Audrey
    Pinks & Blues

  3. Those moves on tha tcat are something else!! It looks like "Risky Business!" HAHA

  4. Awww, they're cute!! Is that your sis in those pictures? She looks so much like you! Y'all are so beautiful!

    Jane, P&B Girls