Sunday, August 12, 2007


I get so sidetracked when I'm on the computer. I always end up looking at old pictures... check out this one I found from the day we got engaged (Jan 19, 04)...

Just thought I'd share...

(PS Look at Ryan's hair!)


  1. aww look at you two. And you're wearing my shirt!

  2. So cute. I look back at my husband's hair when we were engaged/married and I laugh at his hair just a little bit, because I love his hair so much now(it wasn't as nice back then). Thanks for sharing the cute pic.

  3. You two look adorable! His hair was all wild and crazy!!

    Was the cake already pre-made, with someone who knew he was proposing getting it ready?

    So, let's hear the engagement story!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  4. Thanks for the comment, when I was done reading it I had a huge smile on my face! You made my day! Thanks :)

    The truth is you are the one who is gorgeous!

  5. YOu guys look so great in that photo!! It's funny b/c he looks like my husband about 10 years ago!! YOu guys make such a beautiful couple!! Thanks for sharing... and now, of course, you have given me the itch to start looking through some old photos of Matt and I!!
    Have a great night,