Monday, January 28, 2013

weekend bliss

On Thursday, my dear friend Ashley and her sweet Piper made the 6ish hour drive up to NY to pay us a visit. They stayed until early yesterday and we were sure to fill our time with non-stop chatting, late night projects, kid entertaining, multiple Joanns runs (one of which we lugged the kids along on in the snow and after we got home I had to fend off a panic attack- but it was worth it), eating out, and relaxing. Ashley pounded out a necklace and an infinity scarf, and I made a necklace and got 3/4 through crocheting a mini infinity scarf for Piper to match the one I (kind of accidentally) made for Brynlee. 

- tired but happy friends on a mission for project supplies - 

- my new print from this shop

- my sweet kiddos listening to the lesson in their class at church - 

- our middle babies -

 I love precious time with friends who just "get" me... Ashley just one of those friends.  And we treasure quality time instead of quantity time with each other... even though every time we do see each other we brainstorm when the next few times we can get together will be.  I have to say too, she is one of the cutest pregnant ladies I have ever seen.  Not fair.  Nevertheless, I'm so grateful for you, Ash!  I love how God brings us the right people at the right time.  Wow, so blessed.

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