Thursday, June 7, 2012


I was getting ready the other day and Mac was suspiciously quiet... which usually means either he's getting into trouble or he's angelically perched by a window, looking for "big twucks". I called out to him, with a slight essence of warning in my voice, "Mac, what are you doing??"


So of course, after I came back to life after dying of cuteness overload and laughter, I tried to recapture this gem by video:

nothin from Ashley Kirnan on Vimeo.

A few items to note/disclaimers: 

- Yes, Brynlee is laying motionless on the bed, transfixed by the iPad. 
- The rug on the floor is a new rug for Mac's room. I had just unwrapped it and was encouraging Mac to run around on it to flatten it. 
- The cradle. :) 
- The room is not staying blue, we haven't touched the walls upstairs yet. 
- The green chair is hopefully going to be reupholstered someday soonish. Perhaps in a grey fabric? 
- Disregard my evil-sounding laugh at the end. He was killing me and I was totally under his spell. Oh how I love that boy.


  1. I noticed the cradle right away!! awwww!!!

  2. Also, he is too cute. I am impressed he would repeat it. My kids never do anything for the camera except stare at it or run away.

  3. A-dorable. He's all nonchalant about it.

    Matt and Ben have certain things that they say that tickle me, too. Like Matt will say, "WHAT?!" when I call him. It's like I've caught him in the middle of something VERY important, and my interruption is highly irritating. "Hey Matty?" "WHAT?!!" It's so rude.

    But it still makes me laugh! :)

  4. awww he is just soooo cute!!!!
    Love the rug! :-)
    and my son Judah was just really quite for a bit and I walked over and he managed to open a bottle water and dump it all over himself! ha