Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the best thing to share with my sister

I'm not sure I've mentioned this here yet, but my sister is pregnant, too. She's pregnant with a sweet little boy, my new nephew. Oh, and her due date?
The same day as mine! October 6.

Seriously?! We laugh because we could NOT have planned this, let alone probably even succeeded in being pregnant at the same time. We always thought it would be fun to be pregnant together, but we never even imagined this.

And I am just loving it. Being exactly 19 months apart, Meghan and I have shared pretty much everything we have ever experienced. We worked the same jobs, babysat the same kids (usually together), went to the same college, went on double dates together, were in each others' weddings, and both moved to Massachusetts for our husbands' jobs. I have to say though, being pregnant together has been my favorite thing we have shared. Being her first baby, she often asks me questions via text or phone (since she is still in MA- very sad face here) and I love to still be able to help her out, whether it's telling her the weird pains she's feeling are no big deal or telling her to call the doc ASAP because that weird pain is something to be concerned about. Despite this being my third pregnancy, I honestly don't remember every single detail along the way of my first two, so experiencing (and RE-experiencing for me) the same things at the same time (first kicks, aching hips, out of control headaches) has been so comforting to both of us. And I'm so excited to give her all of Mac's baby stuff since her baby will be born right before Mac's birthday. Bonus!

I'm so grateful, so excited, so amazed. God is so good, and even in His amazing goodness throws a few surprises and little extras in along with it. I will never take any of that for granted.

Cousins at 21 weeks. This image still blows my mind! 


Love you, my sissy, and that crazy baby boy who I can't wait to snuggle!


  1. Still can't believe this is happening. How fun is it gonna be to watch them grow up together??

  2. I love this! What a sweet time!

  3. I love how God did this for you both! How amazingly sweet :-) I was pregnant at the same time as my sister in law but she had her baby girl a few months ahead of me, but it was still super sweet to be pregnant at the same time as another family member :-)