Wednesday, April 25, 2012

thoughts on a Wednesday

My mind is a jumble right now. Here's my brain unload for today. 

1 - I am CRAVING ramen noodles like crazy right now. I haven't actually given in yet, and I cannot stop thinking about them. Brings me back to my college years. 

 2 - I haven't made even a small nick in my projects for the week. Oops. 

3 - Check out the great giveaway going on over at She {hearts} It today... you could win a prize pack of plantable paper, cards, and a journal. I love the idea behind these products! 

4 - Speaking of She {hearts} It, I am really excited to share my latest review and giveaway item over there this Friday! Carrie graciously stopped by today to do a quick photoshoot (oh I wish I knew how to model... or just not look silly in front of the camera) featuring the giveaway item.  

Here's a little outtake :)

5 - I am 17 weeks pregnant this week! It's flying by. I've already been having Braxton Hicks contractions for weeks now! I am confused though, as I sift through the pictures that Carrie took of me today... is my face pregnant or is my belly?! Sheesh. I've only gained a few pounds so far but I've blown up all over. I guess this time around my body is doing what it wants to whether I like it or not! Heehee. 

6 - I bought my Hunter wellies last fall and have been loving them. Love the functionality, color, and look of them. Worth every penny. However, I've been noticing a strange film covering them for awhile now and would rinse them off with water, only to have the film return to them almost immediately. I was crushed at the thought of these expensive boots being ruined. I finally turned to my good friend (and worst enemy), Google, and discovered on this blog that the film is actually the rubber "sweating" out a fat, and the white film is a result. Kinda gross, right? She suggests using olive oil to get rid of the film. So I tried it... 



YES!!! I hope this is a long term solution... and I hope this helps any of you out there that have had the same problem. 

7 - So, is anyone else so bummed that Picnik is gone forever? Gone are the days of easy collages and edits. I tried to do a little collage of my boots side by side (which would normally take mere seconds in Picnik) in the new Photobucket editing thing, and after trying to "layer" and such for 20 minutes I gave up. I think I need to just suck it up and learn to use Photoshop. It's always been a super daunting thing to me but I need to do it. Also, is anyone else totally hating the new blogger posting format? I am having so many issues with it! I'm not good with change. Bah humbug. 

8 - Today is Wednesday. Wednesday nights are small group nights, which mean... naps for both kids at the same time! I really should go clean the kitchen. 

9 - I also need to get going on this yummy dip, which will be for group tonight. I throw in some mozzarella, too, for good measure. Can't go wrong. 

10 - I am thrilled that I've gone over 100 Etsy sales in my shop this past week. Please feel free to use the code HUNDRED25 for 25% off your whole order until next Wednesday 5/2 in celebration of me hitting the big 1-0-0! Yay! 

11- I've been meaning to document this little tidbit about Brynlee- she just loves dancing. She's always, always dancing and is always in costume. I have taught her a few basic ballet moves, but I really think I am going to get her in dance class sooner than later. I never thought I would put my three year old in a dance class but I think she would really love it and catch on quickly. We will see. I think part of the fun for her is the costumes and she loves trying on Leah's old leotards and costumes when she is visiting my inlaws. The funniest part though, is that I think she thinks a "Leah-tard" is called that because she dresses up in Leah's old ones! She kills me. Nana got Brynlee her own leotards (Brynlee-tards? baha!) for her birthday and she loves them too! 

12 - I still haven't finished unpacking from vacation. We got home over a week ago. Distress. 

13 - Something pretty to end with. Love. 


  1. I hate that Picnik is gone too! But have you ever tried using Picasa? It's a program that you download to your computer and has really fast edits like Picnik. My father-in-law told me about it. And I've liked it so far. It's not as awesome as Picnik though. :/

  2. Oh my goodness, 17 weeks?! Where did the time go? I am trying really hard not to be jealous. :) Are you going to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl? And I am impressed that you don't look blown up at ALL, with it being your third pregnancy, and close together, too! You look great!

    Leah-tard made me laugh. That's like how the boys think 'ear wax' is 'ear whacks' (wacks?). Both of them have said at different times, "I think I have another ear whack in there." Ha!