Saturday, April 21, 2012

52 in 1: WEEK 48 - a little stepstool - part one

Last summer, I picked up this little stepstool to re-do and put in Brynlee's room and I've finally started to tackle it. I painted the bottom part a mustard-y yellow (actually, it needs another coat) to coordinate with the fabric I ordered for the top part. And, the fabric didn't come in yet (I totally thought it would be here today), hence the "part one" of this project. I'll finish it next week, and hopefully even tackle another project AND finish it.

The stool before: so charming, so un-ME.

I unscrewed the hinges, sanded the wood, etc.


The backing stuff and staples were a bear to take off!

pretty yellow

The pad thing that was underneath the nasty old fabric was in surprisingly good shape and wasn't smelly or anything at all.  I had fully intended on replacing it, but don't really see a need to now.  Score!

So, this is the after, for now.  Can't wait to finish this up... Brynlee's gonna love it!

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  1. Neat! I looked really cool and old-fashioned before, but I realy can't wait to see how your going to re-do it - I'm sure it will look great! :)