Tuesday, January 24, 2012

taking chances

This week, we've had to take our chances on a few things.

Gluing back together my favorite cake stand after it busted in the move: success! Oh such sadness was in my heart when it was pulled out of the box broken. Luckily I got it at The Christmas Tree Shop and surely paid no more than a few bucks for it.

Ripping the carpet off the stairs to reveal pretty, clean hardwood: major success! Except pulling out the carpet staples was a major pain in the you-know-what. And don't even get me started on those ballerina legs and how my baby looks 7 years old.

Bright red lipstick: would-be success, if I ever finally got the nerve to actually wear it out of the house instead of rashly grabbing a tissue and wiping it off at the last second.

"Green" smoothies: success according to Mac and me, Brynlee's still on the fence (if you can't tell from the look on her face).

Colored jeans: success (in my opinion!) especially since I got them at Old Navy for 6 bucks.  The experience was a little ego-shattering, since I had to go up TWO sizes to get these to fit right... I guess they don't call them "super skinny" jeans for nothing.  Too bad their name doesn't rub off on me.  They are a bit short too, so I'm thinking flats are in the cards to pair with these jeans, which means I won't be able to wear them until spring.  Or later.  Yay, Rochester winter!  Oh, and I decided I must have cobalt blue too.  Who AM I?!

And finally, I guess this last "chance" we took is participating in a family dance while we were out to lunch this past weekend.

Success! :)


  1. love the red lipstick! i've been wanting to try it but don't think I could pull it off...you totally do though!

  2. oh I want some of those pants!! Are they still $6? And I braved the red lips to church this past Sunday :) I asked my husband if it was too much, and he said "no you can never have too much of a good thing"- which I think means he didn't know how to answer & he isn't so sure about it ha!

  3. I love the red lipstick, you can totally pull it off. Maybe you'll muster up the courage for our next girl's night.

    And there is one family member missing from the "Family Dance" video :)

  4. 1. I want that cake stand. Mine broke recently do and I was so sad. It was too shattered to fix. Yours is so pretty! Glad it's all better!

    2. Oh my, Brynlee DOES look old in the picture on the stairs. She's not allowed to do that yet!

    3. Um, you totally rock the red lipstick. Like, seriously, it looks great! But I totally do the same thing to blot out my pretty color before I leave the house because I chicken out. :)

    4. I love the green smoothie picture of your girl. I want Hazel to have long pigtails like that someday! Brynlee is our hair hero.

    5. Yes, cobalt blue. Do it. Also, if they're a little short, you can always hide them under boots!

    6. Loved the dancing video. Can't wait to show it to my kiddos when they wake up!

  5. I tried those same pants on at Old Navy- and yes they were super small and short! Ive been dying for red jeans and was so excited to see them on sale but they didn't fit me- boo! That lipstick is so pretty! You can pull it off!

  6. LOVE the red lipstick and the red skinny jeans (i am dying for something in cobalt!!)