Saturday, January 28, 2012

52 in 1: WEEK 36 - heart garland & fabric bulletin board

I have been going crazy pounding out the projects this week. Yes! Two of my favorites were this cute heart garland that Brynlee and I made after I saw this tutorial, and this super simple fabric covered bulletin board.

Brynlee had so much fun painting the cardstock for the hearts... and Mac loved looking for daddy out the back door and being silly. :)

I've been overwhelmed with unpacking and decorating. I'm so anxious to make this place our home, so little projects like a bulletin board covered with some pretty fabric help (oh, I am so behind the times on this, but I kept muttering PUT. A. BIRD. ON. IT. as I worked).

Bulletin board = pretty.  Red/orange wall = not pretty. 

Sneak peek into next week's project.... ohhh I can't wait!  Bye bye nasty red kitchen!


  1. Are there going to be birds everywhere when I come visit? Ha, just kidding!!! I love it. Proud of you for creating amidst the chaos of unpacking, so excited to see all your hard work soon! Also, the pic of Brynlee on the top right, and of Mac grinning out the window almost killed me. Make the cuteness stop.

  2. Can't wait to see the kitchen!! And I love the covered bulletin board. I may need to do this in Grace's room.

  3. so pretty and fun! Can't wait to see the kitchen transformation too!