Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ripe for the picking

The weekend came and went, and was a blur. Ryan and I had a fun little getaway Saturday night, which included Niagara Falls (Canada), yummy food, a bit of walking hand in hand, and gorgeous, unseasonably warm weather.

Sunday morning, we picked up the kids and headed to Hurd Orchards. We've been apple picking there every fall for years, and it seems like every year lately there is a new spouse or baby (well, maybe because there really is!). Sunday was HOT. It was at least 80 degrees when we were in the orchard. I wasn't happy with the lighting, picture-wise (way too bright!) and we were all sweaty. Plus we didn't have a ton of time, since Meghan, Adam, Ryan, the kids, and I all needed to head back to MA in the early afternoon. Despite those few less than ideal circumstances, we had a fun time and carried on our tradition. My brother was even able to come home for a week so he and Shaina joined us. So glad. Perhaps there will be another spouse and/or baby added to the pictures next year?

my sister thought she was just so funny wearing her "catelope" (or whatever the heck it is) shirt!


  1. beautiful pics! looks like you all had great fun. god bless!

  2. love the pictures! so sweet!

  3. ah! jealousy! That looks so fun I so want to go! Oh and thanks for the comment on my outfit post it seriously made me laugh out loud! haha