Friday, October 7, 2011

52 in 1: WEEK 20 - little quilted blanket

About a year ago, I picked up this cute little doll cradle at TJ Maxx for Brynlee for a steal.  I even loved the color and didn't need to spray it (miracle)!  Soon after I bought the cradle, I made a teeny pillow with beaded trim for it (disaster) and planned on making a blanket to go with it.  And, in true Ashley fashion, here I am a year later just finishing it.

I wanted to do a quick project this week since my parents have been in town and I haven't had much free (project) time.  We've filled all the extra time with plenty of endeavors (including a visit to a brand new fabric store with amazing prices, eeek!) so I'm definitely not complaining.

I measured the cradle to get a general idea of how big to make the blanket, and simply cut out two pieces of fabric and two pieces of batting (B's dolls like a plush blanket... high maintenance) and sewed them together.  I finished off the edges with bias tape (and of course didn't get the double fold or whatever kind and had to wrestle with it and rip seams, surprise!) and voila.  Cute little imperfect quilted blanket (that probably could pass for a pot holder but let's not talk about that) that Brynlee and her dolls can play with for a long time.

Now that I'm over 1/3 through this one-year-project-a-week commitment, I've decided to record a few things that I've learned about myself so far (or things that I've known but I'm just now getting the guts to admit).  I've had tons of fun planning and keeping my eye out for projects that I want to try.  I've made many, many mistakes, and realized how HARD and tedious tutorials are to create!  Yet I do love doing them and now have immense respect for those whose blogs are devoted to tutorials.

20 things I've learned in 20 weeks:

1. When carrying out any type of project, I usually have pretty much no idea what I'm doing.
2. I make up my own rules and have a very hard time taking direction.
3. I like snacks.
4. The only way I truly learn to do something is to do it myself, make mistakes, then fix my mistakes.
5. A "quick and easy" project is never either for me.
6. I am so stubborn, which is likely the cause of my need to bang my head against the wall at 3am.  I can not stop a project until it's finished, even if it takes all night.
7. I make a big mess.  I hate putting away all my little sewing doo-dads.
8. I love fabric (okay, I knew this before, so I guess I should say I love actually USING the fabric that I hoard love so much).
9. So much inspires me.
10. I actually feel confident in my sewing ability (to a point).
11. I could poke around in Joanns for hours (and I do, until one of my kids either wets their pants or dumps a whole container of beads on the floor or throws a tantrum... one or all of those things may or may not have happened to me).
12. I need a craft room that has doors.
13. Coupons are like gold.
14. My house is a natural light photographer's nightmare.
15. Pinterest is a blessing and a curse.
16. I should have just bought a big glue gun and not the mini.
17. I can sew clothing!
18. A thimble would solve a lot.
19. I love my iron.
20. I get such a rush when I finish a project, especially if the finished product is actually semi decent looking.  Such an awesome feeling.

Thanks to all who have shared this ride with me so far... more to come!

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  1. I have been following your blog for a little while now and i have yet to see a project i dont like!! you have great ideas! and such a beautiful family!!!