Tuesday, August 9, 2011

late night newsy-ness

I know that's not really a word. I like to make up my own. I'm feeling chatty tonight and thought I'd do a big, messy post about a million things that I've been wanting to share but haven't yet. I am super wide-awake (even more than my normal night owl nature), perhaps from the runner's high I received after pounding out over 5 miles tonight?! More on that soon.

First off, do you love my new header? My sweet friend Erin designed it for me, along with my Etsy banner and logo. This girl knows what she's doing! Feel free to contact her through commenting on her blog or her facebook fan page for access to her graphic design goodness.

Speaking of my Etsy shop, I stayed up until at least 2am last night listing a ton of new items. And here I am again, flirting with 1am. I'm so excited about getting all of my new items listed, and I'd love to extend a coupon code just for my friends who visit here on the blog... through next Monday, 8/15, please enter the code "EMBRACE" at checkout for 20% off your order! Yay!

This past week was a little crazy. I made a quick almost two day trip back to NY to meet my dear, dear friend Alyssa's sweet new baby girl! Harper Lynn was born Thursday evening (the 4th) and I was able to visit the next evening. Then, the kids and I packed up and headed back to MA Saturday morning after I made one more quick visit to the hospital to love on baby Harper. Oh, she is so tiny. Poor Alyssa has had to deal with a bunch of post-birth complications, including (but not limited to) spinal headaches and crazy exhaustion. Plus she had a long, long labor and had a fever/infection when Harper was born, so they have had to keep Harper in the hospital for a few extra days. Fortunately (in a twisted sense) Alyssa is also still in the hospital trying to heal from her complications, so they haven't had to go home without baby Harper. Alyssa did inform me tonight that things are looking up for both of them, so please pray they will be able to go home soon! Alyssa is my HERO! She is amazing.

Holding tiny baby Harper made me realize how big my baby boy is getting... who by the way turned NINE months old on Sunday!

Oh how I love that boy. He is just so full of joy and has such a laid back, happy, silly personality. And now he has now been officially "out longer than in"! He is now waving, clapping, crawling and pulling up like CRAZY, letting go to stand alone sometimes, eating puffs and cheerios whole (well, has been for awhile) and totally just goes with the flow in everything. He absolutely says "more" and yells "NO!" all the time, but I'm pretty positive he just likes to say it since he says it randomly. Still no teeth, but I can totally see them under the gums. He is partial to me (which I might love just a little) but has not shown any signs of stranger anxiety quite yet. He has been doing his "shy boy" thing where he puts his head down and smiles when someone he doesn't know well talks to him. Cutest thing ever. He is a wiggle worm and will not lay still for even a second for me to change his diaper. I have to chase that naked booty all day long since he flips over and flees EVERY TIME right after I remove his diaper when changing him. He has a scream that could break glass, a smile that makes you feel like all is right with the world, and a laugh that you just can't help laughing along with. Plus he and Brynlee are totally becoming best buds, which delights me to no end. Never knew I could love so deeply and fiercely.

Ohhh Macky Mac, you have your momma's heart. I hope you always respond to "Boo boo"!

Sissy is busy being a big girl. Potty trained, putting on her own shoes and clothes, playing with big girl toys, singing entire songs, dancing, drawing faces on paper. I feel like I blinked and now she is a "big durl" who wants to do everything herself, in her own timing and in her way. I may or may not be able to identify just a bit.

She loves singing and playing guitar with daddy.

Love, love, love. Can't say it enough.


So, back to running. I'm running a half marathon! I'll write about the details tomorrow. I'm finally getting sleepy!


  1. Yay late night warrior! When the heck else can we get anything done?? Thanks for the plug!

  2. This post is total sweetness.. I love it! Especially that 9 months old picture.. He's a cutie pie!
    I wish I would have done that with my lil boy.. :)