Thursday, July 14, 2011


Last week, my mom, Brynlee, Mac, and I had a lovely visit to my dad's cousin's house. They live in a large, gorgeous, old house, complete with a gatehouse, pool, and multiple barns/sheds/structures. Brynlee and Mac loved running around the spacious yard and playing with my cousin's four kids. We took a little (kid-less!) trip to an awesome "used furniture" shop (aka junk shop). Luckily, we took the pickup truck. We definitely needed it!

Forgive the cell phone pictures, I didn't even think to bring my camera along!

Overwhelming at first, but some good browsing proves to be so rewarding!

First off, I snatched up a $14.25 stool for Brynlee that I plan on re-doing to put next to her bed once we get her actual bed set up. I will say, the price was a little steep for such a lovely item, but I loved the cute little legs and the fact that the stool opens. Do I smell a 52/1 project?!

Next, a lovely $3.75 old book. My mom discovered this one and showed it to me, knowing that I've been wanting to start collecting interesting old books. Its copyright date is 1899. Not only is the book pretty, but the author's intention was to encourage Christian "gentlewomen" and suggest daily practices to enrich a Christian home. So refreshing.

Milk glass, milk glass. I've had a few pieces for years, but it's only been in the past year that I've began hardcore collecting milk glass. My mom has found a bunch of cool pieces for me at Goodwill and antique shops, and I've picked up a few at thrift stores. I'm going to have to limit myself, especially when I can usually find a piece I love for just a few dollars. These pieces ranged from $.50 to $4.25!

And the grand finale. I had been looking for an old window or shutter for awhile now for another 52/1 project that is waiting up my sleeve. $10. No worries about the missing slat piece thingy (so technical), since I plan to bust out all of them anyway! Ohhh I love this shutter! I can't wait to start its transformation!

I also picked up the brown chair in the last picture series above for my SIL Laura to re-do. She had been looking for one and I was so happy to score that one for her for $5.25! So fun!

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