Wednesday, July 6, 2011

52 in 1: WEEK 7 - knob hooks

Mac already has quite the collection of adorable hats and caps.  I hate to just throw them in the closet when he outgrows them or when they are still too big for him.  I have been wanting to make a hat display/hanger for all his cute hats and I thought using some cool knobs for the hooks would give it a unique look.  I'm so happy with how it turned out!

I started with a piece of poplar, red paint, and five knobs -- the second to last knob on the right is from HomeGoods and the rest are from Hobby Lobby.

I took the piece of wood out into the driveway for some good old distressing.  I scraped it against the driveway, threw stones against it, ran it across the concrete step, and threw it on the driveway.  The neighbors were probably laughing at me/scared of me.  Plus we live in a semi-wooded area so the echo of the wood hitting the driveway was super loud and obnoxious.  Awesome.

I measured out how far apart I wanted the knobs to be and drilled holes for them.

Totally gratuitous shots of my WHITE fluffy flower sandals and an amazing embroidery sampler that I am DYING to start... couldn't help but throwing these pictures in here since I took them between throwing pieces of wood in the driveway and painting!

I painted the beat up piece of poplar, not being too tedious with neatness or covering fully.

I then sanded the first coat of paint down a bit after it dried, then did another coat.  Then, I lined the knobs up in the order I wanted them.

I added picture frame hangers and Ryan sawed off the ends of the screws on the knobs for me (and apparently the metal was sparking... fun times!  He did this for me without me even knowing that he was doing it too... my hero). :)

Pretty knobs and a finished product!

So cute, right?  Those little hats kill me.

I've also been getting some other little touches done in Mac's room (ABC print from Ikea, knob and hook/key thingy from Hobby Lobby):

And finally, the story behind Mac's name.  This is the Kirnan family crest.  Before the Kirnans moved from Ireland to the US, their name was McKiernan.  We thought it would be so cool to name our son "Mac" after the Kirnan family and hold onto that Irish heritage.  Plus I've always loved this family crest and always wanted to decorate our boy's nursery in black, grey, and red and play off the crest.  I'd say little mister's room is about complete!

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  1. Love it, friend! Nice job! I was just saying the other day how I want to make something similar for Hayleigh to hang dress up clothes and give it to her for Christmas this year.

  2. The Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop became the coolest party on the block because of your participation. Thank you!