Thursday, May 26, 2011

road trippin mommas

I did not mean to sound all weird and cryptic on my last post. Despite the air of mystery, all I really meant to do was bide my time a bit until I could catch up on posts and fun projects that I've been meaning to do! It's funny how sometimes simple daily life overwhelms me and other days I am able to accomplish more than I did in combined weeks prior. Anyway, today was NOT one of those productive days but I did want to share a bit about Carrie and my awesome road trip to Virginia (which was two weeks ago now)!

We had a wonderful few days with Bethy and Haley. We wore poor (very pregnant) Beth out shopping at the outlets, had some fun meals out, and even had a rebellious (kid-free, thanks to Matt) late night trip to Wegmans... seeking delicious treats free of gluten, soy, and dairy of course! Carrie, Beth, and I are quite the group when it comes to dietary restrictions. Trey and Mac were angels, and Carrie and I would constantly forget they were in the backseat during the six-hour-each-way drive. Those boys went with the flow the whole time. Sweet baby boys! This trip was just what I needed. LOVE those girls!

*Note: any of these pictures that look incredibly amazing were stolen from Carrie!*


  1. so jealous of your trip but so glad you girls got to go and had such a good time. I love the pic of all three of you pretty ladies

  2. Super Cute!! Looks like you had a fantastic time!!! :)