Friday, May 27, 2011

52 in 1: WEEK 1 - easy bulletin boards

My mind has been just a big swirled jumble of thoughts and ideas lately. There are SO many projects that I have either half finished, have the supplies needed for but haven't started, or have intentions of starting (and completing!). Pinterest has further filled my brain with ideas, as have all of the amazing tutorials I have run across by so many talented bloggers out there. I'm overwhelmed! My mind is just is overflowing with plans, along with my dining room table.

Case in point:

I really need a sewing/craft room but the dining room must do for now.

So for something fun, and since this is my 200th (!!!) post here on the old blog, I've resolved to do a project a week for the next year and document it here. Whether it be completing something around the house, making a gift I make for someone, showcasing a shower or event I've put together (I have a few showers coming up this summer!), or finally attempting a tutorial I've been planning to tackle forever, I will make it happen. It will be a stretch I'm sure, but I'm hoping having accountability to all who read this (all 5 of you :)) will keep me going. It's ambitious, but I'm up for the challenge! I think one a week sounds doable, much better than the lists and lists I have that just sit there and taunt me! Plus I know I will love looking back and seeing all that I have accomplished. Anyone want to join me? Anyone think I'm as crazy as I'm feeling right now?!

For the first week, I decided to do some easy bulletin boards that I have been wanting to make for the kids' rooms. I've been wanting a place in their rooms to hang up special little notes and pictures. I started out with 4 12"x12" cork squares that I got at Staples on sale for $5. For each bulletin board, I hot glued two of the cork squares together and then hot glued my fabric of choice on the back, carefully stretching the fabric taut. Then I added picture frame hangers (I guess this is their technical term?) to the back.

Easy and cute. I may add frames and/or borders to them in the future, but for now they'll do. :) I also made the pushpins pretty (pushpins... shudder) by gluing pink flower cabochons on pins for B and buttons on pins for M.

*B's picture taken at the 77Kids photobooth... I could not love that store more!!!*

Next up for Brynlee's room is PAINT! I finally decided on the perfect color for her walls, and since we are definitely signing another year lease here (hopefully ONLY one year) I'd like to make her room a little more "finished". Also, please ignore the totally unmatching armchair that desperately needs a slipcover! I definitely can't overlook Brynlee's GORGEOUS new bookshelf, made by my dad and designed and painted by my mom. Brynlee is one lucky girl (and so am I)!!!

*The "Party Animal" and "Goof Ball" pins on the right are Jane Jenni Personality Buttons. I got the "My Deer" and "Fairy Princess" ones for B's spring coat as well. Although, I probably should have gotten THIS one for her as well! (Ha, ha. Kidding. Sorta.) * :)

I thought this was also the perfect opportunity to show off the window treatments and bedskirt my mom made for Mac's room. His room is definitely coming along! I searched far and wide for the perfect red, patterned fabric for his room, and about passed out when I came across this Robert Kaufman Metro Living Lattice fabric while browsing in fabric heaven the Franklin Mill Store. I ordered yards and yards of it off Etsy. Hello, my name is Ashley and I am addicted to buying much more fabric for a project than I actually need. I'm also a fabric hoarder. Whew, glad I could get that all out in the open.

So, 52 projects in one year. 52 in 1. Lame name, but I'm so excited and motivated to do this! Feel free to join me!

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  1. Aww I LOVE it!! Can't wait to see all the stuff you have in store for us! Noticed the bookcase, so amazing.
    Did you make the cute 52 in 1 logo?

  2. Love everything about this post. I love the projects that I am dying to see. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that shelf that your dad made.. Before I read that he made it, I was going to say, "If your dad made that I will die." Absolutely stunning.. Love the bulletin board idea with the buttons and that "c" word you used. :) And the bedding and window treatments?! HOLY SMOKES Momma Miller. Gorgeousness.

    Can't wait to read more. I am so proud of you for keeping up with this!

  3. So sorry honey but you inherited the hoarding fabric gene from me, your mom. You have seen my work room and basement! I'm glad you got it!!! Your good.

  4. Love the bulletin board - you are right - super easy!! Have to give it a try. I'm glad I followed you here from the Sundae Scoop Link Party, I'm also linking.
    Hugs, antonella :-)