Monday, March 16, 2009

shower #2

Last Saturday, some of my very best friends threw me a beautiful shower. It was hosted by Amy, Carrie, and long distance hosted by Kerry and Alyssa. I am so grateful to all of my dear friends for making me feel so special. I was blown away by their preparation and everything was, of course, pink, black & white!

the spread
Kerry took care of the cake from hundreds of miles away!
Carrie and Amy, who spoil me so
34 weeks!
Now you all know her name... these ridiculously cute burp cloths were given to me by Alicia... and I am very unsure why I look like I'm in pain in this picture!
my mischievous sisters/camerawomen
the girls!

sweet Harmony
my friend Erin made this gorgeous mirror for babygirl's room... it matches perfectly
Alicia was unable to come, but she still sent this awesome diaper cake (amongst other gifts!)
I was just overwhelmed, thank you and love you all!


  1. I must be hungry whenever I read your blog because, again, that good looks really good.

    Congratulations on being so close to the finish line!

  2. Brynlee??? That's BEAUTIFUL! And you sure got spoiled with such cute stuff!

  3. I love her name! That is so adorable!

  4. I love it all!!!!!!!!! You are so blessed and deserve everything!!! I love you so much! xoxo

  5. Oh my goodness!! i love that cake!!! :) So cute. And that picture frame is adorable...along with your blue dress!!! You look so good :) Looks like a ton of fun!!

  6. did she make those burpcloths? i love them and i've been wanting an embroiderer (sp???)!

  7. I love that dress you're wearing!