Sunday, November 2, 2008

UT/AZ trip part 2: I say cactuses!

I've realized that this trip was basically a month ago. I've also realized that I have a bunch of other blog post content to catch up on... apple picking, a few tags, pictures of my chub (my belly, not husband, bahaha). And the fact that I am now officially a stay at home mom, which came into effect two weeks ago! So now I have no excuse not to keep updated. I used to journal every day, and I love to look back at what I wrote about in high school, even elementary school, and remember all the memories and think about how I felt at that time. I rarely journal now other than this blog. I feel like I don't remember most of my life already! So I need to keep this updated not only because I'm sure it's annoying for friends and family who check my blog to be greeted by the same post title for weeks at a time, but for my own record and sanity. Now that a baby's coming, there's even more reason to be diligent. So be ready! I'm back.

It was so good to spend a full four days with Alyssa and Jason. I miss that girl so much. We shopped (surprise), saw the lovely sights of Phoenix (Alyssa will beg to differ with the "lovely" statement), ate good food, and took a trip to the Grand Canyon. The weather was surprisingly mild the whole time we were there, except for at the Grand Canyon, which was FREEZING. The Grand Canyon trip was something we figured we "might as well" do since we were pretty close and probably wouldn't get the chance to do again. All I can say is WOW. It was completely breathtaking and amazing and made me feel quite small. To say the least. I was so sad to leave our friends, but it was such a great trip.

I was so excited to meet Krystle and Adam. More blogger friend meet ups! I "introduced" Alyssa and Krystle when the Johnsons moved to AZ, and they all hit it off. Blogging pays off, you really can form great friendships.
the landscape
cactI (Jas and I prefer cactuses)
this thing is 200-some miles long. unbelievable.
lil baby seeing the sights
this was a huge step for Alyssa... she was terrified!
we had to play too
all together
I couldn't stop taking pictures!

Can't wait for Christmas. Miss you friends.


  1. Yay! A new post! Been wondering what you're up to!!

  2. awww thanks! Miss you to....I wish you were coming again this month =(

  3. Cute cute. Still waiting for newer baby bump pics.

  4. Yay for Arizona! It was so good to meet you too friend :) And I know how you feel about being a blogging slacker!

  5. It's already been a month? Time flies!

  6. It looks like you guys had such a fun trip! I love those pics.