Thursday, October 23, 2008

UT/AZ trip part 1: phew, they're not psychos!

OKAY. I am sitting down to at least attempt a post. Slacker I am. I feel like this trip was ages ago! So here's part one at least...

We had THE.BEST.TIME. with Ammon, Lindsey, and Porter in Utah. We only planned to stay about two days, and it was not even close to being enough time. It was funny how we all felt like we had known each other forever... no awkwardness whatsoever. We did a bit of Salt Lake, Park City, shopping, Settlers... we got a lot in in a day and a half. I felt so bad that we didn't really have any time to meet & greet with all of my other Utah friends... don't hate me! Next time for sure, and I am certain there will be a next time.

Prepare for picture overload.

overlooking Salt Lake City... let's not talk about what happened up on that little hill...
in front of one of the houses from Dumb and Dumber... the D&D "tour" was definitely Ryan's highlight of the trip!
another D&D house, still don't remember the name
Portie! "Porter did you swallow your gum?!" "Nooooo..."
Park City
We're hoping to close on this one in a few weeks
they really are as fun as they seem on the blog... I think Ammon's eyebrow was twitching a little
never thought I'd meet one of my favorite people in the world on the INTERNET!
Ammon's parting gift to Ryan, awww so sweet! So nice of Ammon to model it beforehand too
Ryan had to take this for me, I was too afraid of getting hit by a car
How cute is Porter?!
Ammon made the moves on the moose
then Ryan tried to steal her away
after one of the best dinners EVER... "what's floating in the water?!"
I don't even know where to begin on this one... "ohh dat's big!" Poor guy, he had a hard night that night!

Thanks again for everything guys, you are the best. Now we're just waiting for you to come on up to NY!

Stay tuned for part two: Arizona... just give me a few days (or weeks).


  1. You are SO CUTE! I just want to hug you. Glad you had so much fun! I love you and miss you!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time!!! How are you feeling? Are you gonna find out what you are having?

  3. Well, when you close on that house and move here, maybe then I can meet you. Maybe you can have us over for dinner in one of the wings of the house :) Glad those crazy Kemmethmuellers weren't too strange for you!

  4. aw i'm glad you had a good time, and i'm still totally jealous. (i've never been west)

    i cant wait to see the growing baby bump. =]

  5. Wow, it seems like just yesterday you were at our house cheating your way through Set'lers. You forgot to mention how we almost got jumped and mugged by two drunk Indians at the D&D apartment building.

    Oh, and have you guys watched Dead Alive yet? I know you're gonna love it.

  6. I'm actually wishing we had the guts to snap a photo at that apartment building, imagine you guys standing there with the drunks out on their deck behind you... next time, no fear, it's balls to the wall.

  7. I'm glad you had fun...and that they aren't psychos. I was worried.

    Looks like a great time!!

  8. Looks like you guys had a fun time!!!

  9. We need more pics and an update of how you are!!!