Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am up too late tonight (as usual) but tonight is a little different because I am sifting through comments MY WONDERFUL OLD/NEW FRIENDS LEFT ME FOR MY BIRFDAY! I love it. I never thought I would get more than 16 comments on one post! I rule!!! I was checking my google reader today at work on my phone and I saw someone had posted a happy birthday to me post, and I thought "Wow, so nice!" but then I realized that it was posted by ME... and I was crying so hard when I read it I had to run into the bathroom to avoid being seen!!! Thank you all for your sweet comments and tangents that helped achieve Ryan's goal. So fun. Oh, and we are headed to UT/AZ in just about three weeks and one day... but who's counting? I'm not really that excited, and I don't know anyone else that would be.....!!!!!!


  1. Ya, I'm really not that excited either about you coming to AZ, I mean, it's not THAT cool that you get to meet one of your blogger friends.....NOT!!!!! I'm sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 3 weeks away?!?!?!?! It's getting soooo close! Ha ha! I act like you are coming just for me....don't tell Alyssa & Jason! He he! Love ya girl! I'm so glad that your birthday was so good :) And you are NOT old....

  2. David Cook's CD.... Nov. 18th! Love you!

  3. Happy Birthday! It has been a while since I have stopped by your blog. I hope all is great! Stop by anytime! (: