Thursday, July 10, 2008

taggy tag

I should be in bed, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of posting more often, even if it's just about stuff that doesn't really matter... I've found that writing is so therapeutic for me. I need to just DO it.

I was kind-of tagged by Krystle for this fun little ditty... here goes!

What would you be if you could be ...

A Vegetable:
a cucumber... my fav

An Animal:
bird, most def

A Fruit:

A Color:
gold, duh!!!

A Household Object:
a picture frame... wow that's deep

Article of Clothing:
flip flops

A Drink:
a caramel blended latte... cuz I am sweet and jittery

A Famous Person:
hmmm... I have no idea!

A Film Character:
anyone from Center Stage

A Cartoon Character:
Belle from Beauty & the Beast... I'm with you Krystle! I was even her for Halloween my senior year of HS

A Car:
a jetta :)

A City:
blahh cities are dirty

A Country:
ohh Italy

A Mythical Creature:
medusa, I would love to have snakes for hair. HA.

A Chocolate Bar:
don't get me started.

A Book:
Nicholas Sparks... The Rescue. Don't get me wrong, I love my life & husband, but if I HAD to be a book, that one sure would be the one!

A Sport:
Kickboxing, don't mess!

A Word:

One of Your Family:
my mom... and I think I'm well on my way to becoming her. ;)

Have a good weekend, friends... I have a date with Martina McBride on Saturday night, don't be too jealous! haha. I'll post pics asap!


  1. I am TOTALLY jealous!!! My fav song from her is Concrete sad, but sooo good! You should call me if she sings it and hold the phone up !! :)

  2. Ashwee your staying up late like me! Funniest thing I have a date with Martina on Saturday too! Hopefully I'll see you there. And I have a date with you tomorrow, yay!

  3. That was an enjoyable tag - - simple, easy, yet still entertaining.

    Have a fun weekend! Hopefully we will chat soon!

  4. fun tag! MM should be a blast! Have fun!

  5. You'd want to be flip flops? Do you realize that they step in poop and that peoples feet get nasty dirty in flip flops? You are crazy! I'm sure most guys would choose g-string. But I choose sunglasses. Because only cool people wear them.

  6. Oh man! Have fun with Martina!

    And is that a book recommendation?? What is it about?? I'd love to start a new one!

  7. How fun to go to a concert. I can't remember the last time I went ot a concert.