Sunday, July 13, 2008


The concert last night was so fun. It was the most perfect thing for my mom, sister, and I to do together. We have loved Martina for years. She is positively one of the most incredible singers, no kidding. We had a blast singing along with every single song and trying to avoid the dancing queen that was sitting right next to me, ha. I tried 3 times to upload a video too, but it's not working, boo.

the girls

this has nothing to do with the concert, but this is just a small fraction of my parents' gardens... now do you see why we enlist their help?!

Jack Ingram... he opened and was awesome. too bad he got really sweaty, yuck!


we were so close... AND she waved to us! we were waving like crazy and she returned the favor. ;)


  1. I am totally stealing that picture it is awesome. You looked so cute at the concert, so glad I got to see you. And yay for Wednesday night. And you're right she can sing like no one I have ever seen before, it was an awesome concert

  2. I'm so glad you got to go to the concert with your mom and sis! You all look so beautiful!

    I can't get over your parents yard, it's straight out of a magazine.

  3. What a great thing to do with your mom and sis! I love Martina McBride too! Great pictures!

    Your parents' garden is GORGEOUS.

  4. looks like fun! ANd those gardens are amazing!

  5. Oh Ashley! You are the best :) I was soooo happy to see my video!! And I LOVE your shirt!! I'm totally jealous that you got to see her.

  6. Ok... You, your mom & your sister are GORGEOUS!
    Feel lucky that you have awesome genes.
    And that garden? Seriously? Amazing.

  7. I do not know this Martina. Do you mean Martini? Like the drink?

    Also, your parents house and garden looks like a Thomas Kincaid painting.

  8. Your parents garden is gorgeous. The concert sounds like it was a lot of fun!!!

  9. Oh, I am so jealous!! I love her!! And your mom's garden is gorgeous!!
    - Audrey
    Mom Generations

  10. So awesome!! She really is amazing!

    So you've been to an AI concert before? How fun! I hope you like it this year. I personally think this is the funnest group yet!

  11. Cute! You three could pass as triplets! ;)