Thursday, May 15, 2008

reasons to smile

Krystle, one of my new blogger friends, tagged me for this one! Swing by her blog, she is an awesome woman of God and a huge example to me! Thanks girl. :)

Things that are making me smile lately!
(And I must say, I seem to have a lot of reasons NOT to smile lately, so it's nice to get back to my senses and get a better perspective on things!)
1. Spring evening walks with Ryan. We love to walk and look at houses and talk about the house we will one day build.
2. Frozen coffee drinks.
3. Best friends that I can complain to about the same things everyday and they still listen like they are hearing it for the first time. Oh, you all are so patient with me!
4. My baby lilac bush surviving the winter and BLOOMING!
5. Waking up in the morning to kitties nuzzling at your face (however there is a fine line between delightful and annoying, ha).
6. The completion of putting up drywall in the basement by my hubs... pics to come!
7. Unexpected notes in the mail from dear friends.
8. Nice clean windows.
9. Naptime (which is anything but naptime for ME, but at least I can rest my brain a bit).
10. Finally being able to run outside again!

Let me know if you care to play... trust me, it feels good!


  1. A list! I love it.

    My clean windows made me so happy today too... I completed them during nap time, I love naptime!

    I can't wait to see the basement pics!

  2. I love that you can find the reasons to smile. I have been keeping a blessing book in my purse and writing little things that make me happy throughout the day, its helping me keep perspective. I also am loving spring walks.
    Are we really having a party?!?!?!

  3. isn't it crazy how many good things there are when you stop to look for them?

  4. I just drank a Rockstar with 240mg of caffeine. My muscles are twitching and making me smile. I think that is valid.

  5. i love your list. i need to make one too. i used to make a "things that make me happy" list at least once a week but that was years ago. it would be a great habit to get into again. i just had a "my sugar's" donut and that is making me smile right now!

  6. Yay! You did it for ME! ...well, and you :) I love to know what makes people happy...

  7. I love your list!
    And I love lilacs. They smell so pretty- something to think about for our new yard!
    Post pics of that basement! I love how you decorate!

  8. I love a good list!!

    Making lists like yours helps me put things into perspective.

    My mom has huge lilac bushes in her back yard. I love them!!