Tuesday, May 13, 2008

one year ago

I was just talking to Ryan the other day about how I can't believe how much our lives change in even just one year. So of course I went rooting through pictures from last year at this time. April-May of last year was one definitely of the most pivotal times for us, ever. I started this blog in April, hoping to chronicle the our progress in ripping our house apart and basically rebuilding it. Here we are now, still a bit to do, but looking back I am still blown away at how different everything is.

And how could I not mention...

I'm such a sap. I just love looking back... we are just so blessed.


  1. what progress! I love what you did with your kitchen especially seeing all the work you ahd to put into it!

  2. Wow, this year went fast... you guys have done a lot of work and of course it was all done beautifully! Your house is perfect!

    I'm so glad you decided to blog, and I'm even more glad that you introduced yourself to me!


  3. Your right so much has happened this year and it has been a huge year for a lot of us. God has really blessed you and Ryan this year with such a beautiful house and I wont say beautiful cats but they are fun atleast :) Loveya

  4. it really is so amazing, the difference a year can make. I started my blog the first of may of last year and started working at my place of employment about three weeks later and it is amazing to read through my blog and be taken on a journey through the past year. i am so glad we both started blogs and "met" each other!

  5. It is absolutely amazing how the passage of time brings so much change. All good change!! I feel so happy that I have gotten to share in this last year of your life through the blog world! Look at those beauties in your arms!!

  6. You aren't a sap. You are a girl. it's what we do. :)