Tuesday, March 11, 2008

time on my hands

I have this whole week off... and I've been trying to keep busy. I'm not used to having free time like this, so I've been trying to get stuff done and spend time with friends.... and savor this time!

Ryan and I FINALLY framed and hung the watercolored pictures we got in Venice... 3 1/2 years ago!!! They looked so pretty I couldn't NOT share...

My sis came over to watch AI with me tonight (Ryan's working) and wrapped Mink in a blanket before she left... He sat there forever just watching tv! I was cracking up... all alone, laughing at my cats. Hmmmm:)


  1. I love your wall hangings, and your walls for that matter!

    Don't they say pets usually resemble their owners?!

  2. I love the water colors! I also love your bedding and the paneling on your walls! We have bgeen wanting to do that in our house for a long time, but we are not crafty.

  3. Did you get my message about hanging out this week? Well I guess the week is half over.

    John and I sit and laugh at Beckett all the time.

  4. So this is what women do with their days off. Crafts. To follow form, I too love the walls, the ceiling, the blankets, pillows, bed frame, picture frames, and cat whiskers.

  5. You know I just LOVE the way you decorate your home. I wish you lived closer... I would hire you to be my interior designer!

    Love the picture of the kitty. Priceless!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  6. i would hire you too!! your bedroom is so cute!

  7. Your bedroom is AMAZING! As is the rest of your house I'm sure!
    That very last sentence in this post had me rolling! You are hilarious!
    And since you're up to par w/ AI- who is your favorite?
    I love David A.
    I'm not a huge fan of the ladies this year.