Sunday, March 9, 2008

50 things about me!

Kim tagged me for this one, I can't think of many truly "interesting" things... so I'll just write what comes to mind!

1. I love tea, but not sweetened tea.
2. I am an organization freak... I can't stand clutter.
3. I love candles.
4. I usually have to look at the keys when I type.
5. It takes me forever to get ready for bed, I don't know why but I hate it and I procrastinate so much when I'm doing it.
6. I used to model when I was little, hehe!!!!
7. I'm trying to learn to sew again.
8. I have lots of little methods of doing things... many of these little quirks have to do with the number 5 (yes, I know I have OCD).
9. I studied psychology in college and wanted to be a school psychologist.
10. I've wanted to work with children for as long as I can remember.
11. I love country music.
12. I would love to have twins, or more! :)
13. I HATE when people mix black and brown (clothing-wise).
14. In my freshman year of college, I was a redhead, brunette, and blond!
15. I am very loyal.
16. I think way too much... but then sometimes, not enough.
17. For as particular as I am, you'd think I'd have a better memory!
18. I was potty trained at 19 months.
19. To make up for the ease given to my mother by being potty trained so early, I stopped napping as soon as I turned two (I always have had to make everything even I guess, including good and bad things, sorry Mom!)!!
20. I hate snow, but I like looking at it.
21. I got a 4.0 ONCE in college... my last semester! I finally got it together.
22. I played the flute for over 7 years, but I haven't picked it up in a long time. :(
23. I also played the violin, that didn't last long.
24. I used to sing solos a lot in church, now I wouldn't sing alone for even 1 person.
25. I don't get sick a lot (hello, working with kids for 7 years) but when I do get sick it's BAD.
26. I have a lot of close friends, and I never take for granted how lucky I am to have each of them.
27. I knew I was going to marry my husband days into our relationship.
28. I love my husband and family so much more than I ever thought possible.
29. I used to love origami (nerd).
30. I love gold things... the color, not necessarily the actual metal.
31. I have to have my planner with me at all times and write down everything.
32. I love coupons and deals, and whenever I make out really well on a shopping spree I have to add up what everything actually cost and the price for everything on sale, then find out the difference.
33. I have a "bad side" that I try to avoid taking pictures on.
34. I am a list freak, sometimes if I'm making a list of things I have to do I write down things I've already done and cross them off.
35. I'm not a big napper, and I won't go to bed at might until I'm so tired that I know I'll fall right asleep.
36. I love girly things (A LOT).
37. However, I'm a tomboy at heart and love getting my hands dirty.
38. I wish I was better at photography.
39. I once tripped up the stairs in high school in front of a boy who I had a crush on (and who actually dated me after the fact!)!!
40. I also tripped in front of ALL the wedding guests at a wedding I was in recently... but it wasn't fully my fault. ;)
41. I love roadtrips.
42. I actually really like to clean!
43. I HATE making up the bed... not making it, but changing the sheets, especially with our monster bed!
44. I LOVE to dress up, probably because I never have a reason to on a day to day basis!
45. I will never forget how my poppa used to say "hi, Ashee!"
46. I used to take ballet... and I still can't help but dance if there is a big hardwood floor sprawled in front of me.
47. I used to be obsessed with Tetris.
48. I owned a Tamagotchi (well, I still do, but it died long ago).
49. I LOVE giving gifts and finding cool wrapping paper/bags.
50. I went to Barbados when I was 16 on a missions trip with my youth group and snorkeled over a shipwreck and almost drowned because of the undertoe at the beach.

Wow! A lot easier than I thought it would be! Anyone else care to play?


  1. What a great list of things!! I did a Tetris obsession stint, and I also HATE making up the bed (a king sized bed is a BUGGER to put sheets on!). Jon has to look at the keys when he types, Isaac is currently CRAZY about origami, Gracie is all about the girly stuff and Evie HATES it when anyone mixes black and brown (hee hee). See, everyone in my house has something in common with you!! :)

  2. 5 1/2. Forever is not an understatement.
    11 1/2. I can sing along with every single song that has been written since 1949.
    33 1/2. Kind of like Mariah Carey
    43 1/2. I really do hate making the bed too.
    51. I am a great wife!

  3. It was fun to read a little more about you!!

  4. So fun to read! I used to love oragami too!! WE can be nerds together!AND I wish I was better at photography. Move here and we weill learn together!

  5. I was so excited to get up and read your list this morning! Guess what, I already knew 75% of this list... :)

    My Tamagotchi died too. I still am obsessed with Tetris. I have a book of origami... You aren't so nerdy!

  6. Oh yeah! I completely forgot...

    You should comment more often, it's fun to hear from the other member of the Kirnan Crib. :D

  7. How sweet is your husband?!?! That is the cutest thing EVER!
    And who DOESN'T love Tetris?
    Thanks for doing this!

  8. it was fun to read more about you! i hope you are doing well!

  9. ryan - you forgot 52. I can talk on the phone for 4 hours straight until 3am.

    Please tell us more about the #5. I bet that Arby's 5 for $5 deal makes you go crazy!