Monday, February 11, 2008


I apologize (to those who care) about my lack of posting... between my empty brain and my as of late excruciatingly slow internet, I haven't really had a reason to. I am totally in a funk. I've had zero desire to blog, which is strange to me. Life has been normal and unexciting... I don't know why I can't ever be happy with just that.

My cousin is doing better.... THANK YOU all for your prayers and encouragement! He had surgery and the updates have been few, but I think that's probably a good thing.

My great great aunt died last week... she was 91. Her husband is still living, and is 97. Initially, I wasn't sad with the situation, she lived a full, long life and was married for 69 years. I figured it was pretty much a perfect scenario. That is, until we sat down to talk to my great great uncle at the viewing, and someone asked him how he was doing. He simply responded, "Sad," with tears in his eyes. My heart just broke. The one funny story I heard was my great grandma's (who is pushing 98 and going strong) reaction to her sister's death... "Aww, but I wanted to go first!!!" She's just waiting for Heaven, satisfied with her full life. How I wish I could have the same attitude, even at 24. To live every moment as if it were my last... I'm definitely going to try.

Oh, and one last thing... it's $%&@(&#*#! cold here. 14 degrees currently, but it was closer to 0 this morning, cold enough to close schools. So guess who got to entertain ALL of the kids the whole afternoon? hehe, I'm so kidding. They were great, we had so much fun. All I know is that I'm THROUGH with this weather and its ridiculous consequences. My parents were able to get away to Florida for a few days for my dad's work... NOT FAIR. I talked to my mom as she was soaking up sun by the pool this morning, and she laughed when I informed her that my frozen car said it was 10 degrees outside. Not funny!!!


  1. Oh, your uncle's comment is soooo heart breaking. Just one word...but man, that 1 word breaks my heart too and I don't even know him! And I would LOVE to come and live in your climate right now! We had a temperature of -35 for the past few nights with windchills as low as -57!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! Not fun. I am SO ready for summer. :)

  2. Finally a new post! I kept re-reading your vacation post. he he!

    I'm glad our prayers have been working. I hope your cousin continues to do better.

    I can only hope to live a full life like your great grandparents. However, I do hope I'm not the spouse that gets left behind, it is sad!

    Keep these posts coming! I love to hear whats happening in your neck of the woods!

  3. Yeah Ashley finally posted. I check everyday, sometimes a couple times a day just to see what you are up to and if you have posted a new blog. I only have so much to say lately because I am anxious for this little one to come already. Keep posting!!!

  4. I am happy to see you posting again!! I have been unmotivated blog wise too!! I am sorry it is so cold.. we have SO much snow here it is crazy!! So much for global warming.

  5. Glad you finally updated your blog!
    I was WONDERING where you were!
    I don't think I could handle 0-14 degree weather! That's the type that takes your breath away and stings your nose!!!

  6. I so know what you mean about not wanting to blog. I went for a few weeks not really feeling like I had anything to say too. Sorry it is so stinkin' cold where you are. Hope it warms up soon!!

  7. So sorry about your great great aunt. How lost your great great uncle must feel after being together for 69 years.

    It's cold here, too, and I would LOVE to be vacationing somewhere warm right now, too!!!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  8. Yeh, you're back. I've missed reading your blog.

    Sorry to hear about your great great uncle. 69 years is unimaginable!! If Dirk and I make it that long it will make the Guiness Book of Records because we'll be over 100. No kidding either! Wouldn't it be nice if the Lord just called us home with our spouses, that way no one is left behind to cope and go on?

  9. We saw that accident on our local news and wondered if you were in that!