Tuesday, January 8, 2008

happy birfday, my love!

Ryan is 26 today, I keep teasing him because now he's SO CLOSE to 30!!! Of course, since I'm 24, I'm more like 20 since you always round down with numbers under 5.... RIGHT??!! Today has been strangely, wonderfully warm.... low-mid 60s. I bet the day Ryan was born ALL THOSE YEARS AGO was not so tropical as it is today! hehe!! How about I share a few special fun facts about the special birthday boy?!!

-Ryan loves piles. That is, he "loves" to MAKE piles. All over the house. Papers, tools, clothes, you name it. Yippee
-Ryan's parents told him that he was "allergic" to chocolate when he was little (it made him really hyper) so now he doesn't really like it
-Ryan was salutatorian of his high school class... and he'll never willingly tell you that
-Ryan loves kid candy. Nerds, sweet tarts, bottle caps, you name it. But NOT chocolate!!!!???
-Ryan played/coached tennis all throughout high school and college and STILL has the patience to try to teach me!
-Ryan has a bunch of scars on his face/body and they are basically all from his brother
-Ryan still looks longingly at cars that resemble his old 95 green Saturn
-Ryan had to get stitches this past summer when he cut his finger... and it was the first time either of us had been to the emergency room in years, but it happened during the ONLY month long stretch we didn't have health insurance
-Ryan has a special walk, ask him to show you sometime
-Ryan also loves kid cereal... he was delighted when I came home with Reeces Puffs for him yesterday
-Ryan is obsessed with ebay and deal websites (woot.com, yugster.com, etc etc)
-Ryan treats every woman he encounters with such respect and kindness... thank you daddy Kirnan
-Ryan loves home improvements and anything to do with tools.... dinner and a trip to Home Depot is an ideal date
-Ryan got a coin sorter for Christmas... AND he asked for it.... AND it was his favorite present... wow
-Ryan is probably the most patient, kind, gentle, and goofy guy I have ever known



  1. Sooooo Ryan, care to show me the walk?

    Love this kind of post (I did one too this week!!). Sounds like you guys are a GREAT couple!!

  2. Happy Birthday Ryan!!! Ashley, I have to say Ryan has always been sweet, gentle and goofy, even when we were kids. Being so far away we didn't see our "upstate" cousins often, but I remember the summer Chris and I stayed with them for a week or so when everyone else went to Ireland for Uncle Billy's wedding and we had so much fun with Justin and Ryan. The girls were little, Leah just a baby. Ryan just has that personality you wish all men had!!

  3. Such a sweet post Ash! Ryan and Ammon sound like they could be brothers, except the chocolate part. Does Ryan check out slickdeals.net because Ammon visits every day. I'm dying to see this walk, video please!

    You are such a cute couple and you're lucky to have each other!

    Happy Birfday Ryan!! Hope you guys do something FUN!

  4. What a sweet tribute to your husband. Mine too loves to make piles.. but it drives me bonkers!!! You are sweet. I also had a green Staurn 95!!! Small world. ahha.

  5. Happy Birthday Ry Guy!! You are soo old but not as old as John...haha.

    That and I died at the "makes piles" because thats what my aunt and uncle referred to Beckett's accidents as when they were watching him during the cruise... little "piles"

  6. Happy Birthday to Ryan! he is a lucky guy!

  7. heehee...loved those facts about Ryan! He definitely sounds like a good catch! :) Happy B-day Ryan!!

  8. Hey, lock it up about my age up there...

    And "patient, kind, gentle, and goofy"...what a perfect list for Ryan. Hope you had a great birthday Kirnan the Barbarian.

  9. Happy, happy birthday! I'll eat a cookie in his honor :)

  10. Sorry for the delay! I have been lazy! Bridesmaids get so tired! ;)

  11. Happy Birthday Ryan. Those are some fun facts. I am glad you have such a great guy! You deserve it!

  12. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy birthday to your Ryan! He sounds like a great guy!

  13. Yes, slickdeals is awesome. Also fatwallet.com.

    I especially like the root beer bottle caps. And DOTS are awesome. And the chewy Sweet Tarts.

    And kids cereal is the best at midnight.