Monday, January 14, 2008

ain't no mountain high enough



this is how we spend our evenings... letting our cats entertain us. I actually videoed them jumping up the wall chasing a laser pointer tonight. Life is good. :)


  1. HOW did she get on the entertainment center???? Thats crazy! She must like the birds view. HA HA(OMG that was so corny!!)

    You have two cats and leather sofas, THAT is what really trips me out!!

  2. Guess what... I could post a similar picture of my couches. We have a set we aren't currently using standing up on their sides just like yours. Mine are green too. :) We are so cool!

    Your cats are awesome!

    What are you watching on CBS? Are you and Ryan up for a game of online Balderdash?

  3. Someday, someday, you'll be snapping shots of your kids like that!!! Gracie would LOVE some kitties like yours!!

  4. haha. You are so funny. I love the quiet evening at home with the family. Nothing is better.. you're right.. life is good.

  5. Have you ever wrapped a phone cord or something around your cats waist? Not tight, but just wrap it around so it doesnt fall off. Weird stuff. It's like they are numb from the front paws down.

  6. haha...that is so fun! I love cats - a lot! Unfortunately we don't have any now...but yours are so cute!