Friday, September 14, 2007


(John Keller-- Sorry if I unintentionally mislead or excited you because of the title of this post... even though I tricked you, I still believe you ARE Jack Bauer!)

In about an hour, I will be 24. Are you serious? Lately I keep thinking about how when I was younger and all I wanted to BE what I am now and where I'm at in life. I am living what I have wanted since I was a child. Married young, truly amazing and unreal husband, close with family and inlaws, incredible close friends, house, education, pets, good job. I need to really shut up and stop complaining and wishing my life away. I always want to be at the next step, the next milestone. This year, I want to just be content and just let what comes come. Appreciate and just live. Have dreams, but stop planning. Be hopeful, yet grateful.

ok I'm done.

Check out my birfday present! It's the fabric on the left, isn't it just beautiful?! Mom is making elegant curtains for the living room for me.... don't worry, it's just the roll of fabric in the pic, not the actual curtains. We rearranged the living room AGAIN, since we couldn't get it just right in the 3+ other times we've tried to arrange. We moved monster armoire from the bedroom to the living room and put the tv in it, and my parents let us use a smaller one they had for the bedroom. My mom had one piece of advice for me now that we are actually going to decorate the living room (seeing that I hadn't done so yet because of my dissatisfaction with the arrangement)... she said, "It looks good, just make sure you don't put too many little tchotchkes in it." TCHOTCHKES?! I just laughed at her, rather proud of her that she had made up a word herself. Then I was reading a magazine the next day, and I saw the word in an article, and realized that it meant, essentially, "knickknacks." Okay. I felt a little dumb that I didn't know that, but whatever. So I told Ryan about this whole interaction later on and he was like, "Yeah, that's why they named the restaurant that Jennifer Aniston worked at on Office Space Chotchkie's... remember how she had to wear all of those pieces of flair?" Wow. Impressive. Over my head. That's all I have to say.


  1. Happy Birthday in the morning. I hope you have a wonderful day full of great things!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you! And I love the first part of your post, I think you are exactly right and I will be praying for you to that end because after all who wouldn't want to be Ashley Kirnan? Have a wonderful day!

    And I love the new curtains they are so you.

    And also please do not encourage my husband with the whole Jack Bauer thing... hehe

  3. HEY...Mrs. Keller, lock it up. I am Jack Bauer and I appreciate that AK remembers it.

    As far as TCHOTCHKES...I was instantly all over Office Space. Great reference there.

    And also...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Welcome to your the mid 20's club, I'll be leaving soon.

  4. I love the curtains!

    Like you I need to stop waiting for the next milestone of life and just enjoy the ride!

  5. OO.. happy birhtday!! I also love the material! you will have to post a picture when they are done.

  6. Happy Birthday Ashley!

    Hope your day has been GREAT!