Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I so love my job. Those kids bring me such joy. Seriously, nannying is so rewarding, not just with the experience, but with what I get back from the kids. I love them as much as I know how... I know it will be different with my own kids, but they sure do reflect that love and let me enjoy the time before I have my own.
I've been meaning to share this Garrett story for awhile... this occurred a while back, but not too far, maybe this past spring. Mind you, this child is 4 1/2.

Garrett: Ashley, you're so funny! You have rips in your jeans! (*sticking his fingers in the holes in my jeans and laughing*)
Me: Garrett, they are not rips. They are called "fashion."
Garrett: Ohhhhh... (*truly absorbing the information*)
A few days later, we were sitting at the table, eating lunch. Garrett, for no apparent reason, begins studying his sock covered foot, turning it over, examining... when he should have been eating his sandwich, over the table, chew with your mouth closed.
Suddenly he gasped and jerked his head up toward me.
Garrett: ASHLEY!!!! LOOK!!! (*lifting his foot up*) MY SOCKS HAVE FASHION ON THEM!!!!!
I looked. Sure enough, a small hole was forming on the heel of the sock.

Now THAT is why I get up and go to "work" everyday. :)


  1. How cute! I can see why you love your job so much.

  2. What a funny story. Kids really do listen don't they.

  3. Oh Garrett - it is even funnier when you can actually picture him saying something like this! He is too cute!

    I am so glad that God has brought them into your life. I know how much you truly do love them as your own. They are a lucky family to have such a tender-loving woman to take care of them.

    You are one of a kind Ash, and everyone you are around (not just those kids) are blessed by you. I love you!


  4. Man I think Addison's Mom has been listening to some postive and encouraging K-Love lately... what a little encourager. hehe. But I agree those kids are blessed to have you, and that story is a riot.

  5. What a great story!! You will make such a great mother one day Ash!! I wish we lived closer because I would snatch you up to watch Manny and the new little one.

  6. Hahahaa. yes, the beautiful bride in me started to come out!

  7. What a perfect story about the beauty and awe of a child's mind! I am still smiling! Your love for your "job" leaps off the page!

    Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls

  8. how funny! i am glad you love your job so much. that is really important.