Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Ok, I normally don't even like chips, but I got a sample of these sent to me in the mail (sa-weeet) and they are delicioso (wow that must be the Dora the Explorer in me)! All must try. I must be pretty special to be getting Pringles sent to me in the mail, hehe. :)

I had to add before I'm off to bed.... so we went to Homerama with Alyssa & Jason this weekend. Other than the houses not being super impressive, we had a good time. We stopped in to see these guys to see about perhaps hiring someone to finish the basement, since we are so burned out and not looking forward to putting up drywall whatnot down there after doing all of the other work we've done on this stinkin house. I, being the prideful "I-can-do-it-myself" girl I am, completely resisted the idea at first. We are the super do-it-yourselfer-best-friends-with-the-home-depot-employees Kirnans, right? So anyway, the guy talked to us about this specific basement system, and it seemed pretty impressive. Good air flow, guaranteed forever and a day, no mold growth ever, blah, blah. Interested in a free estimate? Sure, especially since this sales rep guy (who was really nice, don't get me wrong) had ABSOLUTELY no idea how much it would cost, not even a ballpark estimate. So Ryan was researching this company on the web today, reading reviews and trying to get SOME idea of the cost. We had originally figured that a few grand $$ might be worth the hassle of doing it ourselves. We will be finishing about 800 square feet. Ryan informed me that, after his research, he read a review by a guy who got a DISCOUNT with this company and ended up paying $70 a square foot for finishing,............... WHICH WOULD EQUAL $56,000 FOR US!!!!!!!!! Not including flooring!!! Needless to say, Ryan called and cancelled our 6:30 pm consultation this Tuesday. Drywalling, anyone? :P


  1. Hmm... makes you wonder if that sales guy really knew the prices or not.

  2. Ouch that it pricey. Sounds like you guys are going to be rolling up your sleeves and doing it yourself. That is how my husband likes to do things too. He is handy(and frugal:))Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  3. hmm, i didn't get pringles sent to me...what flavor are they?

    that is the comment i leave, can you tell i am hungry?

  4. no way that can't be right-if that is right and they are getting bussiness then people are crazy!

    Also- I'm really jeoulous that I don't get samples in the mail, its probably because I haven't grown up and bought a house like you. ON the other hand,I do get to daily sample the "special" varieties of smoke that waft up, through the vents,from our downstairs neighbors,so that counts for something right?

  5. How the heck do they get away with charging that much!? Well, I guess someone's paying it... but that is STEEP, man! Wow. Well, I guess we'll be seeing your drywalling pictures in the near future, huh!? :)

    Jane, P&B Girls

  6. thanks for telling me the flavor, i will have to try them.

  7. That is OUTRAGEOUS!! I wish we knew what we knew about wood paneling before you ripped that all down! Paul's step dad told us about this putty stuff that you can put in the seams and then paint over it, and it looks just like a normal wall, and there is NO demolition and NO MESSY, DUSTY SANDING - the worst part of drywalling!!! I was a little weary about it at first, but he is a perfectionist, and he said it looked good, so I bet it does. We are going to try it upstairs in our new house to see what it looks like. You guys will have to come over and see it!

    I was grocery shopping today, and walked down the chip isle, and after reading your blog I decided to try those pringles! OH MY GOODNESS. They are amazing. They might be better than the flavor explosion goldfish that we inhaled on the way to see bethy.

    LOVE YOU, can't wait to see you next week!