Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Evyn Mae's nursery

Well now, I just might have my 9 month old Evyn's nursery about 90% completed. 
And I finally took some (poorly lit) pictures to prove it!

 Evyn would like to say... 

I wanted a simple, vintage feel to Evyn's nursery, without too much pink (but still a bit for good measure). I so enjoyed searching for the perfect little trinkets and treasures to make the room special, along with fabrics and baskets (which I'm still on the hunt for ones I love). All of the little shoes and dresses in the room were mine as a baby.  I DIYed a few things, repainted things (including the light fixture that we originally put up in Brynlee's nursery in our first house), and continue to swoon over a few things (read: that RUG). I'd be happy to supply any vendor info/DIY details if anyone is interested!


 Lots of happy and fun news to come regarding my shop. Soon!


  1. The pictures are great! Lovely room and details! :)
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  2. Ok. I'm dying over the yellow dresser and the white shelf and the blue chandelier. WOW! So much cuteness. Great job on the the decorating!


  3. Obsessed with this nursery, soooo sweet and perfect for a baby girl to grow into, well done momma!