Thursday, March 1, 2012


It was super fun to participate in the February photo a day challenge on Instagram. I cheated a few days (like posting two pictures in one day to make up for missing the day before) but I did it! Now for March... I think I'll take a break. :)

1- your view today.  It was nice enough to play outside that day, and Mac was happy despite his pinkeye and double ear infection. :(

2- words.  A new print (on wood!) for my crafty room.

3- hands.  My little artist.

4- a stranger.  Brynlee may know who this is, but he's a stranger to me.

5- 10am.  Working in the church nursery.

6- dinner.  Thank you Wegmans.

7- button.  I had just picked up my vacuum from the repair shop (after not having it for a few weeks!) and am so grateful for its 5 year warranty (and for the little boy finger that snuck in).

8- sun.  Compliments of you know who.

9- front door.  Welcome!

10- self portrait.  The Ashleys!  Haven't forgotten about the Ward weekend post.  Gah!

11- makes you happy.  Chatting with Elmo at the museum- might make B more happy than it makes me!

12- inside your closet.  Just a snippet.  You think I'd post my (mostly still unpacked) mess?!  Ha.

13- blue.  Pretty birdie salt & pepper shakers purchased in Franklin, TN!

14- heart.  Obv V-day, complete with (kind of) heart shaped pancakes.

15- phone.  When Alyssa gave this to Mac for his birthday, it took Brynlee a bit to understand what it was, since there is a dial and the handset part is attached.  Funny that our kids will probably never even understand why phones once had cords!

16- something new.  Hexagon tile love!

17- time.  Cuddle (and TV) time!

18- drink.  Creamer with some coffee.

19- something you hate to do.  Most definitely do not like to unload the dishwasher- but I'm sure I would hate washing dishes by hand even more!

20- handwriting.  We're working on it.

21- a fave photo of you.  My favorite family pic!

22- where you work.  Best job, even though my bosses can be quite demanding.

23- your shoes.  Wish they were flipflops.  

24- inside your bathroom closet.  I thought this was the weirdest and most random subject.  

25- green.  My sweet, handsome breakfast date while B was having a sleepover at nana and papa's.

26- night.  Dinner date with my favorites.  Kitchen was still unusable at this point with the tile work going on so we *had* to eat out.  So sad. ;)

27- something you ate.  Wegmans' chicken pot pie.  It has crust on the top AND the bottom, not just a tricky crust on top.  Amazing.

28- money.  My wallet.

29- something you're listening to.  Loving Audrey Assad's new album!

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