Saturday, February 18, 2012

52 in 1: WEEK 39 - happy hexagons

Ohh, special-looking, fun tile makes me just giddy. I've been keeping busy this week, between the kids, {still} unpacking, feeling quite under the weather, wiping noses, and the day to day. I've been attempting little projects here and there, but I feel like talking about and planning projects has been the way it goes around here lately. I am excited to share some fun projects my parents have executed around the house, big plans for the kitchen (I received a huge box of Anthropologie knobs the other day... squeal), oh I could go on and on. My head is spinning! Plus, sewing has taken the back burner since my machine is still sitting, apparently broken, in my sewing space in the basement. Boo. I'm excited to get my space prettied up and share that here too! I also need to share my Ward weekend recap. Bear with me!

So, this week, I decided on the materials for the project, but didn't actually execute it myself. Ryan is actually at the store as I type (I think getting grout or something) but he will be grouting our new entryway tile tonight! He laid it throughout this past week (not his favorite this to do, but he's good at it!). I wanted something that was a little different, not to crazy, but still special for the front entryway. It's not all that grand of a space, so I thought this black travertine hexagon tile was perfect. I'm in love, and it's (obv) not even grouted or cleaned yet.

Before: multi colored, chipped slate. Not my cup of tea.

After (almost): simple, fresh, and interesting! 
Sometimes I may or may not like to just pet the smooth travertine.

As Ryan laid tile today, I tried to entertain the kids and was failing miserably.  The combination of being sick and having a million things to do myself made it pretty impossible.

So, playdoh for the girl: 

And whipped cream for the boy.  He instantly ate it, rather than play in it.  I gave him cars to drive in it and little utensils to poke it with.  Instantly in the mouth.  No fear, no hesitation.  And as a result, he got two baths today.  Such a boy. :)

And how about a bit of miscellany on this chilly Saturday night:

1) Head on over to Keight's blog to win a pretty pretty PCB ring... the ring inspired by the sassy saffron lady herself.

2) I am SUPER excited to share that I will be writing for She {hearts} It, THE lovely review site featuring great products for ladies to love. So many giveaways, too!  Oh I am so lucky and so elated!

3) Just had to share a picture of me and my love on Valentine's Day before we went out for dinner. My mom and dad offered to come watch the kids and we ordered them a pizza in return. Have I mentioned at all how much I love being home again?!

The red lipstick made it out of the house!  I almost wiped it off at the last second, but I resisted.  I guess I was feelin racy! ;)


  1. As soon as I saw the last picture I thought "Yay, she wore the lipstick!"

    Love having you home!!

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